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4 Killer Reasons You Need Lip Fillers


Lip Fillers have been in the beauty industry for as long as we can remember, and it has definitely had its fair share of both good and bad publicity. While reviews and stories might convince you one way or another, the most important thing to know about lip fillers is that the result at the end is dependent on the doctor and his/her techniques. While we all want more luscious, beautiful lips, not many of us want to risk coming out of the procedure looking like a duck. We can get the results we desire, but only if we pick the right, experienced doctor.

You might believe that lip fillers aren’t for you, but once you find out how important lips are for your appearance and attractiveness, you’ll be on board!

1. Lip Fillers Aren’t Just About Bigger Lips!

Unlike what the media might portray, lip fillers today aren’t solely for plumping up your lips. They can do many different things for your lips, such as smoothening out your lip lines, making the borders of your lips more prominent, or upturning the corners of your lips. If you don’t like the ‘plump lips’ look, you can raise this concern with your doctor to make sure that the shape, rather than the size of your lips, is changed.

2. As We Age, So Do Our Lips

Some of us were born with naturally luscious and full lips, but even such blessings can only go so far. As we age, our lips will decrease in volume, making them thinner and more creased. Dr Low Chai Ling, the founder of the SW1 Clinic states that “A great proportion of my patients aren’t necessarily those with thin lips, but those looking to restore the fullness of their lips.”

3. Lip Fillers Get Rid of Lip Lines

You’ve seen those lines on your lips, and you know how old they can make you look (Especially when you get lipstick stuck in them)! Lip Fillers like Revitalift Lips were made to give moisture and hydration to your lips without added volume, meaning that lip lines can be faded out immediately!

4. Restoring Your Cupid’s Bow

The middle of your top lip (the area that curves inwards), is otherwise known as your cupid’s bow. For the most part, when you are young, you tend to have a stronger, more prominent cupid’s bow. However, with age your cupid’s bow becomes less defined and the shape of your lips may change. Thus, simply by reshaping your lips with lip fillers, you could look younger and more attractive than before!

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