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4 hair myths to stop believing now


Are there some hair folktales you have been brought up with, believing them wholeheartedly and never could anyone tell you you were wrong?

Guess what. There are hair myths and they’re called myths for a reason. It’s time to put a stop to them and end the debacle once and for all.

4 hair myths to stop believing now

#1 Air drying your hair is better for your hair than heat styling

We’ve heard about the damage that heat styling tools can do to our hair but that was a from a bygone era. Going to other extreme of not using any heating tools to allow your hair to dry naturally is not the answer either, only because your hair is susceptible to damage that can come in the form of the way you wash, handle and even comb your hair.

Leaving water in the hair can make it prone to breakage as it causes the hair fibres to swell and become weaker. The ideal solution is to let your hair as quickly as possible by using the right tools that come with intelligent heat control so that hair damage is kept to a minimum. Supplement with a styling cream prior to using any heating tools so that your hair is protected with ingredients that are good for it.

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#2 Plucking out grey hairs will cause more to grow out

If this was true, we would all be encouraged to keep plucking our hairs for a full head of hair. On the contrary, constantly plucking out a hair can create long term distortion and damage to the hair follicle, such that hair stops growing completely.

If you haven’t caught on, embracing your greys and letting them grow is a trend. And why not, it’s what makes you uniquely you!

But if having greys is really not an option you’d like to stick with, get a professional to help with hair colour to cover your greys.

#3 Frequent haircuts make your hair grow faster

Sorry to burst your bubble, frequent hair cuts don’t do anything for increasing the rate at which your hair grows. Hair grows in cycles and is genetically determined. Frequent visits to the hairdresser won’t make a difference to the cycle as hair grows from the root and anything done below that is inconsequential to hair growth.

That being said, visits to the hairdresser are still essential for healthy hair. A regular trim reduces breakages at the ends and helps to maintain healthy hair.

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#4 You shouldn’t wash your hair everyday if you want healthy hair

Your scalp is just like your skin and requires TLC. To support healthy scalp and healthy hair growth, know your scalp and know what it needs. If you have an existing condition like dandruff, then frequent hair washing is a must, complemented with a targeted shampoo or conditioner that treats your condition.

In warm and humid climates, frequent hair wash is almost a must to keep your scalp and hair clean but it’s recommended to go gentle with your shampooing technique to prevent hair damage.

For concerns on your scalp or hair health, it’s always best that you seek out professional help, like a doctor or a trichologist. Besides oral and topical supplements to promote healthier hair, scalp and hair laser treatments are options that you could also consider for yourself.

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