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Skincare treatments you’d love for under $500


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When we think of aesthetic treatments, expensive usually comes to mind. But that’s not always the case! There are effective AND wallet-friendly treatments that can get your skin in tip top condition, especially with Christmas and the New Year just around the corner.

Water Drop Lift

It’s no secret why Korean celebrities covet this treatment. The new Water Drop Lift treatment helps to regenerate the skin for that enviable youthful and dewy appearance that is loved by Koreans, and dare we say everyone, all over. The treatment works by enhancing the moisture content and elasticity of the skin without hurting or damaging the skin and with zero downtime, ie painless and effective all at the same time!

This is a painless procedure that helps to increase moisture in the skin and improves the regeneration capability of the skin barrier.

Price: $350 per session before GST

LDM Triple

Are you looking for a laser that solves a variety of skin concerns? The LDM Triple might just be right up your alley with its ability to penetrate deep in to the dermis to treat acne, sagging and dull skin, and even keloids, to help you achieve complexion that is brighter, firmer, more lifted! It can also complement other aesthetic procedures, such as skin rejuvenating lasers and beautifying fillers to help you achieve your desired results.

Price: $300 per session before GST

O2 Blush

Oxygen, the essence of life, is used in the popular O2 Blush facial to saturate the skin, bestowing the recipient with healthy nude skin blushing with confidence for days after. Pamper your skin with an infusion of pure, clincal-grade oxygen via three forms of therapies including an oxygenating detox pre-mask, an oxygen wrap and a full face Oxy Shot therapy to leave skin with a gorgeous, supermodel glow. You’ll be loving this breath of fresh air for your face.

Price: $400 per session before GST

Deep Red

This trademark facial promises to regenerate your skin dramatically and to improve skin healing properties. The Deep Red facial starts off by using Microdermabrasion Scrub to dissolve dead skin cells and stimulate lymphatic flow, and Deep Sonic Cleansing for improved skin clarity. LED Red Light therapy is used to boost sluggish cell metabolism & stimulate rapid healing so that your skin is firmer & plumper. Top it off with Iontophoresis with vitamins to fight free radicals and recharge your cells with vitality and youth. Result: younger, firmer and healthier skin to boot!

Price: $220 per session before GST

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