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Is it possible to look natural with lip fillers?

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Lip fillers have definitely become one of the most sought-after aesthetic treatment in recent years. It’s a straightforward procedure and works by having fillers placed into the lips for a fuller, poutier look.

Is it possible to look natural with lip fillers?

However, no thanks to social media and abuse of fillers, we have heard of one too many horror stories of lip fillers gone wrong, giving them a bad name. But naturally looking lip fillers is possible as long as we pay attention to these ‘rules’.

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#1 Use the right filler

Not all fillers are made equal. Hyaluronic acid fillers have different concentrations of hyaluronic acid in them which determines how soft or hard your fillers will. It’s important that the filler used for your lips has similar consistency as the lips’ mucosa which will help one achieve a natural appearance.

#2 Correct product placement

Your doctor needs to know the exact location to place the fillers on your lips – not too deep into the tissue where the filler will disappear or too superficial where lumps start to occur.

#3 Use the right amount

When it comes to fillers, less is more. Just as your lips are uniquely yours, the amount of lip fillers used should be enough just to give you the natural pout you’re after and not the fish lips everyone dreads.

#4 Find the right doctor

Do your research and find a doctor who has the experience to give you the lips of your dreams. This is your face and wouldn’t you want to be sure it’s in the best hands possible?



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