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Defy aging with the new Thermage FLX


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If you’re looking to delay the signs of aging on your face without downtime and needles, you don’t have to look very far. Thermage FLX, a popular FDA-approved treatment, is the gold standard in non-surgical facelifts. The treatment uses radiofrequency to stimulate collagen production, that will visibly tighten your skin and improve facial contours.

Defy aging with the new Thermage FLX

Thermage FLX is also a newer, more advanced version of Thermage which promises a more comfortable experience thanks to an improved tip, giving you faster and better results. The patented radiofrequency waves deliver heat safely and uniformly into the deepest layers of your skin, resulting in skin tightening and increased collagen production.

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Immediately post treatment, you will be able to notice some improvement in your skin, with less sagginess and improved definition of your facial features. Lines and wrinkles will also be softened for a more youthful visage. All these with little to no downtime.  Additional tightening and skin improvement will take place three to six months post treatment and with results lasting for 2 year or even longer, depending on the individual.

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Thermage FLX is also highly flexible as a treatment, and can be used on different parts of the face for a lift and improvement in skin laxity. From the eyelids to lower jaw, Thermage is effective for treating body parts like the abdomen, thighs and even buttocks too.

Each face treatment takes about 45 minutes while treatment on the body typically lasts approximately 90 minutes. And that’s your age-defying treatment that you only have to remember to do once a year or every 2 years.


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