Do you know you can now get a nose job without going under the knife?

Do you know you can now get a nose job without going under the knife?


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Do you know you can get a nose job without going under the knife?

Nose jobs. They are a hit nowadays, especially among women. But is going under the knife truly beneficial? Rhinoplasty, a common surgery that women go through for tip projection may actually bring about undesirable effects. Some women do not take this into great consideration and deliberately go under the knife without being aware of what other methods are available.

Most nose jobs are associated with the common objective of increasing tip projection, by increasing the angle between the tip of the nose and the upper lip. This gives the nose a more elevated look. According to a study, this elevation actually lifts the upper lip, and gives it a slight projection as well. It happens with particular actions which either increases or decreases tip projection. This can lead to the upper lip either being elongated or shortened. Whenever, the lip is pulled upward, the lip is being concurrently pulled upward and forward.

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Usually, rhinoplasty may go wrong at first instances and this brings about harsh complexities to one’s facial structure. Hence, deliberate thought and research should be taken into consideration before doing a nose job.

To save the troubles of undesirable effects, you can now get a nose job without going under the knife.

Nose Fillers

This is a non-surgical nose job that uses dermal fillers originating from hyaluronic acid. Its popularity reigns well over years. There are major benefits as compared to rhinoplasty. First and foremost, it is non-surgical and it provides an instant nose bridge augmentation result. It is also reversible, which means the fillers are easily dissolvable if the results are undesirable.

It is usually carried out with careful placement on the nose, on where the dermal fillers are to be injected at. It is also a simple and quick treatment, where a topical numbing cream is applied to the area, and thereafter the small injections are filled into.

There are a variety if dermal fillers and not all are FDA approved. However, at SW1 clinic, FDA approved fillers are used and the ideal filler is incorporated to suit to your nose type.

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