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This machine tones up & defines muscles in 30 min


The 90s saw us gearing up for Spin classes. In 2000s we turned things up a notch and switched to Zumba. In the 2010s, everyone hopped onto the Crossfit bandwagon. All these in a bid to lose weight and tone up, quickly and effectively.

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As fitness trends came and went, the one thing that remained on all these fitness fanatics’ minds: how to get in the best shape possible in the shortest time.

This machine tones up & defines muscles in 30 min

It’s no secret that a hot bod is a sign of beauty and attractiveness in the eyes of many and achieving this is a sure indication of dedication and commitment.

What if I told you there’s a quicker way to attain tighter abs and a perkier bum simply by assuming a relaxed position. No burning squats or excruciating push ups. Just lay back and let the machine take over.

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In recent years, a revolutionary new machine, TESLA Stym was developed that uses Functional Magnetic Stimulation to create muscle contractions. Based on the principle of electro-magnetic induction, functional magnetic stimulation (FMS) directly activates motor neurons which leads to the contraction of the muscle or a group of muscles.

FMS was widely used in the medical setting for treating neuropathic diseases, radiculopathies and plexopathies and can be used for preventing muscle atrophy while increasing blood circulation at the same time and was found to be especially useful in the case of muscle rehabilitation in sports injuries or geriatric patients.

In the aesthetic setting, FMS has been found to be stimulate and accelerate six-pack creation (think scrub board worthy abs), tone and shape buttocks and even condition and tighten pelvic floor, great for mothers who had just given birth and have noticed some laxity.

This machine tones up & defines muscles in 30 min

Many have found this treatment rather relaxing as the pads work on the treated areas and the intensity can be set to suit the individual. This treatment doesn’t require direct skin contact so you will be happy to know you can employ this treatment over clothes.

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Although in essence it seems the machine is working hard for you, this treatment works best for those who are engaged in an active lifestyle and are consistent in a well-balanced diet. It is important to note this treatment works on muscle and not fat, and that you keep your body weight in an ideal range and your fat percentage low so that you are able to see the results of your muscle sculpting therapies.


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