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The Secret to Perfect Skin is Right In Front Of You


Cosmetic surgery isn’t for everyone. Nowadays, we’re beginning to see more and more people seeking out other avenues for reviving and rejuvenating their face and skin, and we think that this is a great idea! There are plenty of non-surgical treatments that boast visible benefits, helping people to regain their youth! Here is our list of the best non-surgical procedures to age you in reverse:

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The Secret to Perfect Skin is Right In Front Of You

1. Botox: Botox can reduce the prominence of wrinkles around the brows and eyes, and can even ensure that these wrinkles will only be temporary at most. This beauty procedure is super effective, so much so that it has been somewhat plagued by the fear on looking fake or artificial, or even looking frozen! But you won’t need to worry about that as long as you heed the advise of a reputable doctor, and ensure not to overdo it. Be realistic, and don’t request for an excessive treatment of Botox. While the effects might last longer, you will look strangely frozen and might not even be able to smile properly! You’re better off with smaller doses of Botox that are effective, but won’t hinder your normal facial expressions.

2. Forever Young BBL: Did you know? Studies of Sciton’s Broadband Light (BBL) have found that BBL could literally reverse genes that are responsible, or have a part to play in the aging process. You would literally be growing younger! Using light, this amazing treatment can penetrate deep into the skin and increase your skin’s collagen production. This treatment isn’t just for those who are already aging – its even for younger women. It has rejuvenation benefits that help to prevent aging. We think this is pretty clever! Prevention is always better than cure.

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3. The Filler Lift: Hyaluronic acid fillers are great treatments that also help both preventing and treating aging. The Volume High Definition Lift will help the mid-section of your face regain its youthful fullness, alleviate tear trough shadows which appear under your eyes, and fade nasolabial smile lines. If you’re a busy person without much time to spare, no worries! We’ve got the “lunchtime facelift” Filler Hydrolift to help fill up the hollows of your cheeks and increase your skin’s moisture from the inside.

4. The Thread Lift: Does your face look saggier than normal? You might find the Infinity V-Lift useful in literally lifting your face. This procedure utilizes facial threads that are bio-compatible and bio-dissolvable (like surgical sutures), and plants them under the skin to hold on to and lift your skin. Over the next half a year, collagen production is promoted, and the end result is a long-term scaffold of collagen that holds up your newly-lifted face!

5. Lip Fillers: According to research, your lips influence how people see your age more than wrinkles do. If you want to look younger, you should probably take your lips seriously. Your lips could start to thin from as early as your mid-teen phase, and you need to maintain them well. An easy fix is the lip filler augmentation that is simple, and popular among many women!

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