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The Most Appealing Parts Of Your Body You Never Knew


They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this statement cannot be more accurate. Sometimes we have certain specific pre-requisites before deeming something attractive or sexy.

Some ladies out there find defined calves on a man very sexy.

Others can be enamored by the beauty of a man’s veiny arms.

This theory applies with the fairer sex as well. Other than the customary curves that can turn heads, there are some parts of your body that men do check out as well.

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Here is a list of “underrated” parts of your body that might tickle a man’s fancy!

1. Ears/Earlobes

Surprised much? Your ears are more than just your hearing aids, they are also known erogenous zones.

As age catches on, the loss of elasticity and collagen can cause your earlobes to droop and wrinkle. While they are relatively small in size, they loss in quality can be pretty prominent.

Saggy earlobes can not only be unsightly, they can pose a potential problem for you when you try to accessorize as well. You will find that your ears have lost the ability to hold in your earrings.

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Hyaluronic acid fillers are the perfect fix to restore your earlobes to its plump, supple glory. A virtually painless procedure where collagen-boosting hyaluronic acid is introduced to your earlobes by way of tiny injections, these fillers will give your earlobes a much-needed boost – in your sex appeal.

You can get a back peel at SW1 spa to slough off old skin

2. Back

This shouldn’t be a shocker, because this part of your body has been made famous by Justin Timberlake.

With current fashion trends evolving from plunging necklines to plunging backlines, it is definitely essential to bring sexy back. Poor maintenance of your back can cause some unsightly backne (back acne), and visible presence of dead skin. You will not be doing that slinky backless dress any justice!

Your back needs a thorough exfoliation as much as your face does. Unless you are unbelievably stretchy, you will not be able to do this on your own. A back peel session is in order. Boasting pore-shrinking and skin-brightening abilities, this procedure uses gentle but deep penetrating laser energy to slough off dead skin cells and acne, revealing smoother and fairer skin underneath.

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Now go forth and rock that dress, with your back turned to the world!

Lip Fabulosity is a facial for your lips, available at SW1 Spa
3. Lips

“Voluptuous” is not just a word you use to describe your twin peaks, you should be lucky enough to own a pair of lips that is befitting of this word.

Voluminous lips have always been regarded as an understated form of sexy, with the likes of Angelina Jolie and Liv Tyler being the stalwarts of Sexy Lip Land.

The social media boom catapulted the sex appeal of bee-stung lips to dizzying heights, with “new guards” like Kylie Jenner and Priyanka Chopra displaying their gorgeous smackers all over Instagram and Facebook.

How do you achieve these celebrity inspired lips that will mesmerize a handsome stranger when he strikes up a conversation with you in a bar?

A procedure like Lip Fabulosity is a “facial” your lip needs. Packed with skin softening and brightening nutrients, this treatment melts away the dead cells and discoloration from food that your lips are subjected to, kissing dull and dark colored lips goodbye, and revealing that seductive shade of red that you truly deserve.

If you find yourself lacking a little bit of volume in your lips, a hyaluronic acid boost in the form of lip fillers will do the job for you. There you go- voluptuous lips!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; and now you can make sure you’re wowing the beholder in all areas, even these eccentric ones!