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I turned my skin around in 30 days!


I don’t know about you but the end of October means the start of Christmas season. For me at least. With Christmas parties, year-end parties and countdowns galore, it’s the one time of the year I look forward to dressing up for the festivities with friends and family, to mark the closing of another year gone by, and to welcome a new one (hopefully one filled with hope and new dreams).

This officially gives me 30 days to get my (skin) act together to look refreshed, rejuvenated and glowing, and party-ready.

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That’s Ap-peeling

Fight pigmentation and wrinkles, or simply improve your skin’s firmness, elasticity and reduce the likelihood of breakouts with a retinol peel, a vitamin A-derived exfoliation.

Expect some mild peeling to take place as a result of this treatment but you can be assured that the goodness of Vitamin A is delivered to your skin. Think antiaging skin benefits and healthy skin cell reproduction, that will help to give your skin a more youthful, refreshed appearance.

Best for: skin lightening, glow-inducing, complexion brightening

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Clear as Glass

Well, almost! Indulge in a pampering treat for your skin with 6 sessions of the Glass Skin Program that work to deliver a skin so glowing and luminescent even a K-pop star would be envious of. A star attraction that’s included in this package is Pico Smooth, an FDA-approved treatment, which uses the latest and most innovative lasers to smoothen out acne scars and wrinkles, delivering significant antiaging and complexion rejuvenation benefits with low downtime compared to tradition resurfacing lasers.

With the Glass Skin Program, optimal complexion rejuvenation results can be achieved, producing a smooth, glassy effect for the individual, as skin experiences a growth of new collagen and elastic tissue.

Best for: smoothening acne scars and wrinkles, glow-inducing, skin firming

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Almost Perfect

If you don’t have time for a program, a glow-inducing facial session could be what you’re after. PDRN Cellular Facial in a nutshell corrects DNA damage and regenerates skin, with damaged and aged skin being instantly replaced with young and healthy skin, with an enviable glow.

This is a great facial targeted at women in their mid 30s who are looking to fight the signs of aging. The skin healing molecules of PDRN are applied to the skin via a derma roller, followed with sonophoresis (sound wave therapy) which is vital for infusing your skin cells with these all important nutrients.

It’s definitely a great way to reboot your skin.

Best for: skin lightening, glow-inducing, complexion brightening



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