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Take years off your face with these injectables


It’s been said what’s done cannot be undone, especially where signs of aging are showing. These often show up in the form of lines, wrinkles and patchy skin colour. Thankfully great strides have been made in the world of cosmetic procedures that can take years off your face without the need for surgery.  The results are more natural with little or no downtime needed, making such treatments highly popular.

Take years off your face with these injectables


A few drops of Botox injected into the muscles will block the nerve impulses that cause contractions. This relaxes the treated muscles and erases lines and deep wrinkles, giving one a more refreshed and relaxed appearance. You might think Botox will cause you to lose your ability to make expressions but this is simply not true. When done in the hands of an experienced doctor, you don’t have to compromise a younger looking face with a frozen one.

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The use of soft-tissue fillers under the skin can improve the appearance and definition of facial features such as the cheekbones and jawlines. Fillers can also diminish acne and surgical scars, fill in lines and wrinkles and restore fullness to hollow cheeks and undereye.

Youth Preserve

Similar to Fillers, Youth Preserve using Profhilo uses hyaluronic acid to help one shave years off one’s face. The difference between Youth Preserve and traditional fillers is that it is a skin remodeling therapy, with the ability to stimulate your skin’s restructuring and rebuilding processes resulting in younger looking skin naturally over time.  You’ll be pleased to enjoy skin radiance and glow as additional side effects of this treatment.

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Nefertiti Facelift

As we age, the muscles in our neck (Platysma) lose their tautness with time and gravity, causing the skin in this area to sag and appear saggy. Using muscle relaxing injections, the tension on the Platysma muscles is relieved and stops the downward pull of the skin on your neck and jaw. This helps your skin to appear lifted and collagen producing stimulants from the injection will further tighten up any loose skin.

Micro Refine

Did you know that miniscule doses of Botox distribute all over your face not only diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, it also improves sheen and suppleness to your skin? Micro-refine works by causing sweat glands and sebaceous glands to shrink, giving you smooth clean skin without having to worry about loss of movement in your facial muscles.

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