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Practice Self-Care While Social Distancing

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Amidst the uncertainty and changes that come with COVID-19, it’s all too easy to feel uneasy and even stressed as we feel like we’re losing control with our day to day living. But it’s especially during these times that it’s essential to practice self care to keep yourself health, safe and sane. Here are just a few ways you can do that in the comfort of your own home while taking social distancing seriously.

Practice Self-Care While Social Distancing

#1 Maintain your schedule and get adequate sleep

During these times, it’s crucial that you maintain a routine wake and sleep time. Besides maintaining consistency in your daily life the helps your body clock to stay set.

While it may be tempting to sneak in a nap now that you are able to, try to avoid them to minimise disruption to your night time sleep. If you find yourself having trouble falling asleep at night, don’t hesitate to get up to do something that will help to quiet and relax you. This is better than tossing and turning in your bed and may even make you more anxious about falling asleep and exacerbate insomnia.

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#2 Stay nourished and well-hydrated

Stressful environments can wreak havoc on your gut and its overall wellbeing. While at home, be more conscious about the quality of food you’re taking in. Have lots of nutritious vegetables and drink lots of water and avoid snacking on junk food as much as possible.

Another way to promote a healthy digestive system is to increase your intake of probiotics. This can be done so conveniently with probiotic pills and works to fight off harmful bacteria, improve absorption of nutrients and digestion, and even enhances the immune system.

#3 Keep active

It’s easy to become less mobile now that you’re at home all day every day. But that’s not an excuse for it to become a habit. With all the fitness apps easily available out there, there’s one to suit everyone, ranging from yoga to stretch you out to a heart-racing 7 minutes HIIT workout.

Besides we all know that exercise reduces stress hormones and stimulates the production of feel-good endorphins.

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#4 Meditate

Ease anxiety with the help of meditation. Meditation is known to be a mood booster and doing it twice a day can have huge benefits on your state of consciousness. If you’re new to meditation, the wonders of technology have made it easy for you with apps such as Headspace and Calm. If meditation seems too intimidating, try simple breathing exercises, such as 10 deep breaths over 2 to 3 minutes.


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