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Popular dermal fillers for men


Fillers as with every aesthetic treatment out there have long been associated with the fairer sex but did you know that the number of men seeking out aesthetic treatments, particularly dermal fillers have risen in demand in recent years? With changes in gender stereotypes, it is becoming more normal for men to seek out treatments to look better.

Popular dermal fillers for men

While women tend to be more specific in the looks they are after, such as fuller lips or plumper cheeks, men in general just want to look better, less tired and more refreshed.

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Which is why these dermal fillers are popular for men.

#1 Jaw fillers

A masculine jawline is always deemed more attractive, both by males and females but not all men are naturally bestowed with a well-defined, square jawline. While these fillers aren’t permanent, they can certainly enhance your existing bone structure.

The fillers are injected into the corners of the jaw and chin to create the appearance of a more chiseled jaw.

In under 30 minutes, a skilled doctor would have completed this procedure with results lasting for up to a year.

#2 Chin fillers

One of the forms of attractiveness stems from the golden ratio, essentially based on the proportions of one’s facial features.

The chin like most parts of our body can lose volume with age. Fillers carefully (and painlessly) placed in the chin can improve one’s proportions and profile for a more attractive appearance. With little to no downtime, this is a fairly straightforward procedure.

You might have a pin prick mark where the injection was made which will disappear in a day or two. Depending on the type and amount of fillers used, results can last from 6 to 12 months.

#3 Cheek fillers

Cheeks can lose their plump and youthful appearance no thanks to ageing and weight loss. To keep your face from looking gaunt, cheek fillers can help to restore volume in this area. Not only do cheek fillers help to restore volume, they can improve facial contours and symmetry.

Cheek fillers for men are quite different from cheek fillers for women. Too much volume and it can create a more effeminate look for men.

This procedure may leave some pin prick marks and cause some swelling which will all go away in a few days.


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