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The Next Breakthrough for Facial Rejuvenation – The ‘Bone Lift’


To understand how to restore an aging face, first you need to understand what constitutes facial aging in the first place. Doctors have been so focused on the skin surface changes, that not much has been said about what is happening below the surface.

“An aging face has so much more to do with than just lines and wrinkles. A loss of volume makes the eyes, temples and cheeks look hollow, skin texture changes make the skin look damaged and molted, and a loss of bone causes less support to the face” says Dr Low Chai Ling, founder of SW1 Clinic, who often refers to her and her team of doctors and plastic surgeons as “dreamweavers”.

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For years, it’s been all about facelifts to tighten the skin and neurotoxin to reduce wrinkles and lines. However, understanding the complex changes taking place at the deeper layers also mean that to fully restore the appearance of an aging face, we need to not just replace the volume loss but in certain cases, augment bone resorption which occurs with age.

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Bone resorption over the years causes the overlying structures to loose support. full face aging changes

When done together, that may be the secret answer to turning back the clock once and for all.

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“An aging face has so much more to do with than just lines and wrinkles.” Dr Low Chai Ling


With age, facial bones shift, droop and loose bone density. While it’s not exactly news that the bones play a significant role in how the face ages, what is pretty interesting, and definitely new, is that for the first time ever there may be a way to treat aging bones. Researchers at Rutgers Medical School claim that the use of osteoporosis drugs and mechanical tools and devices typically used in craniofacial surgery, and even orthodontics, can help mitigate the effects of changes in facial bones. The researchers went on to say that using osteoporosis medication may help to build up bone density in the face for a younger look.

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But until we have more definitive studies on the use of these medicine for aesthetics, Dr Low believes that judicious use of more sculptural fillers such as Perlane and SubQ may go some way in providing underlying support for the skin affected by bone loss.

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An example, she brings up, is the natural shortening of the chin as a woman ages. This lends the face a shortened appearance, making the facial proportions less than ideal. This shortening is due not to loss of collagen of the overlying skin but actual bone loss over time. Hence, most ladies find that some augmentation of this area can go some way to making them look more youthful. “No longer are fillers in the chin area used to augment the chin, instead they are now used to restore the lower face proportions to a youthful ideal and making the face look more rejuvenated” says Dr Low.

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