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Mask-off and show off that smile!


Rules are starting to relax (yay!) since COVID started. Besides being able to gather in bigger groups now, we also have the option to remove our masks when we’re outdoors. With the lower portion of the face having been hidden away from sight in the last couple of years, it certainly feels liberating now to be able to show it off now.

Mask-off and show off that smile!

Lip fillers is a popular option to improve the volume and proportions of one’s lips. A little change can make a huge difference in the way you look and it can certainly enhance one’s smile, depending on your concerns.

Dehydrated lips

If you find your lips constantly dry and lined, you probably need a hydration boost to replenish your lips’ natural collagen stores. Revitalift Lips is a type of lip filler treatment that helps to increase the water-attracting capacity of your lips without adding volume to it or changing the size of your lips.

This procedure is relatively painless and injects water-attracting hyaluronic acid skin booster to increase your lips’ water content for plumper, healthier looking lips.

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Disproportionate lips

Lips, like the rest of your facial features, is deemed more attractive depending on the ideal ratios also known as the Golden Ratio. For lips that aren’t close to the ideal ratio proportions, your lips could do with a little help through meticulous reshaping and specific enhancement.

Lip Shaping fillers can be placed in strategic location on and around the lips to improve the appearance of the cupid’s bow, the name of a lip shape where the upper lip comes to two distinct points toward the center of the mouth, almost like a letter ‘M’.

Lip Shaping fillers can also help to improve the proportions of your lips, enhancing its overall appearance and attractiveness.

Thin lips

Thin lips can benefit from Lip Volume fillers which are designed to help restore your lips’ natural contours and shape. Adding volume to your lips doesn’t mean you’ll end up with Kylie Jenner lips. On the contrary, an experienced doctor who is skilled and with a good eye for aesthetics will be able to help you achieve fuller lips that will look natural and be complementary to the rest of your facial features.

At the end of the day, there are many different lip shapes that can work for you. When it comes to lip fillers, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. Many factors including the shape of your face come into play when deciding on the best filler that works for you. It’s important that you do your research on the clinic and the doctor before entrusting your lips to his / her hands.


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