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Male Pattern Hair Loss: The 7 Important Things to Know


Have you seen men with that typical ‘M’ shape of hair on their head? Or have you seen men with only the middle of their heads bald? Well, you’ve seen Male Pattern Hair Loss (MPHL), a hair loss that men are susceptible to. It isn’t exactly like balding, as it can begin from even the smallest bald spot on your head, or from a slowly receding hairline.
If you’re concerned that you might be susceptible to MPHL, or if you already know you have it, here are 7 things that are useful for you to know!

1. It is Genetic
It is widely accepted that MPHL can be passed on from parents to children through genetics. The androgen receptor gene for example, is found on the X-Chromosome. However, MPHL may not be inherited from your mother, as there are many other genes that also lead to the onset of MPHL.

2. Stress can Worsen MPHL
Pressure and stress, hormonal changes, or scalp problems might lead to even more hair loss in those who are already genetically susceptible to hair loss.

3. Stress Itself can Cause Hair Loss
Sometimes, issues of hair loss will resolve on its own, and isn’t a permanent problem. This could be a result of Telogen effluvium; an issue brought about by extreme stress.

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4. The Earlier the Better
The earlier you seek professional help for your diminishing hair, the easier it is to rectify. Even doctors agree on this, as the longer you wait, the more hair follicles you permanently lose. If the treatment is too delayed, the only viable option left may be a hair transplant.

5. Medicine for Alleviating Hair Loss can be Prescribed
If you’re suffering from mild hair loss, you can take medicines that stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth instead. According to clinical studies, the Hair Recovery Serum from SW1 Clinic improved hair counts on men who used it after 4 months.

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6. Hair Lasers
If you really don’t have a single strand of hair on that head of yours, re-growing hair might take a miracle. But, as long as you have a little hair left, there is still hope! The hair clinic boasts a Keramax Scalp Program that utilizes Revitascalp and painless Revage 670 hair laser procedures. According to research, Revage 670 can increase your hair’s density by up to 40%, and boasts an amazing 85% success rate in halting hair loss.

7. Miniature Hair Transplant?
If all else fails, or if you’ve waited too long, a hair transplant may be your only option. But before turning to a full-on hair transplant, you might want to consider Kera-Clone. This isn’t really a hair transplant, but works by retrieving a couple of hair follicles from your own head, nursing them in a soluble medium, and replacing them on target areas of the head. The outcome of these types of treatments are different for different people; some may find their current hair follicles being enhanced, while others find their hair density increasing over the next few months.

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