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Lunchtime Beauty Quickies In The CBD


Between work, managing a household and keeping kids busy over the weekends, who has time for a beauty pick me up? Erase that thought right now and we’re here to convince you there’s always time for a little upkeep, without the need for spending hours.

Say hello to the lunchtime (beauty) quickies, perfect for those who feel they only have an hour or less to spare. We’ve rounded up some beauty fixes you’d be surprised to know you can get done over lunch, and without giving yourself away.

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Delivering hyaluronic acid under your skin, fillers are able to instantly give tired, saggy faces a lift, plump up lips, heighten nose bridges and even refresh eyes and reduce dark eye circles. This is a very safe procedure and can be done in under an hour. The treatment is also very comfortable with the use of numbing cream and with minimal downtime. You can reapply makeup immediately after the treatment and resume regular activities after.

If deep frown lines are your main concern, look no further than BOTOX®. This is a very effective treatment for erasing wrinkles to help one regain a youthful appearance. A few drops of BOTOX® are injected with a tiny needle into the muscle, blocking the nerve impulses that cause the contractions (this gives the appearance of wrinkles). You will notice the lines softening, giving you a more refreshed, relaxed, highly natural looking appearance. This is a very quick and simple procedure, with many patients appreciating its efficacy.

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Facial cocktails in OUE Downtown Gallery

Facial Cocktails
If it’s a pampering treat you’re after, maybe a fresh-faced martini or pretty bellini could be right up your alley. Not the alcoholic type, this is a fully customisable facial that allows you to choose from the various tiers of treatments, to recharge and rejuvenate your skin. In just under 70 minutes, you’d emerge looking refreshed and radiant.

Boardroom Program
Without neglecting our male counterparts, we have concocted the Boardroom Program, perfect for the multitasking gentleman. In just under 50 minutes, the busy executive can enjoy the anti-aging benefits of complexion lasers and hair restorative lights to fight hair loss, all with minimal fuss.

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So whether you are a time-starved parent or a busy executive, there’s really no excuse now with these lunchtime quick fixes that gives you a little respite to reclaim your skincare.

Get beach body ready in no time