If There's One Body Part to Care For This Year, It's Your Neck

If There’s One Body Part to Care For This Year, It’s Your Neck


Now more than ever, there’s a focus on neck. You can blame the shift south from the face on the unavoidable profile selfies filling feeds everywhere. Either way, becks and decolletage have been thrust into the spotlight. And why not? After all, faces get brighter and younger-looking with each coming season, thanks to evolving skin-care technology; there’s no time like now to commit to having the best-looking neck of your life.

“Our necks are constantly exposed to the elements,” says Dr Low Chai Ling, founder of SW1 Clinic calling out harsh soaps, antibacterial lather, varying climates, and sunlight as the root causes. “We often forget our necks and décolletage because while we protect the skin of our faces with makeup that contains SPF, leading us to have necks that look way older than our faces on closer inspection” she adds.

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Most anti-aging routines include a slathering of excess serum and moisturizer from our face onto the neck, décolleté, and earlobes but most products meant for the face may not be ideal for your neck and décolleté.

“There are less oil glands on the neck, so neck skin actually needs skincare products that are more hydrating” explains Dr Low Chai Ling. Because of this, women who want to specially optimize the skin of their necks should use topical skincare that is specially meant for the neck. This led Dr Low to create a special Gold oil which contains super anti-aging retinol in a hydrating base of organic rose hip and coconut oil to rejuvenate and protect the skin of our necks.

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Extend your SPF to your neck. If you are not keen to lather sunscreen on your neck consider a skin cleanser like Guardian Angel that works as a protector as it leaves an invisible SPF30 UV protective shield behind after each cleanse that binds ionically (yes, you heard it right, the ingredients are negatively charged and binds to the positive charge in our skin!) to the skin.

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Don’t forget to exfoliate: No matter how hydrating the moisturizer, “the product won’t penetrate if there’s a buildup of dead skin cells,” Dr Low says, suggesting gently scrubbing necks once a week with a readily available facial exfoliator for a primed and prepped base. The key to an effective neck scrub is to choose one with softer particles such as Gold Flakes as this tends to be the safest and can exfoliate dead cells without stripping the vulnerable neck skin of natural lipids.

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The neck is the one area that will benefit from a hydrating mask. Even more so than your face. As the pores are smaller and the area has less oil glands to naturally lubricate skin, including a neck mask like SW1’s specially designed Marvel Neck Drape, saturated with vitamins and hyaluronic acid, will do wonders to restore the moisture content of the skin.

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When going for treatments for the face, don’t neglect your neck. The best treatments for this area are those that boost collagen synthesis and promote skin renewal like SmartX for tightening and Fraxel light for smoothening. Thermage radiofrequency for the neck and décolletage also has proved to be a popular option for ladies who has moderate to severe sagging of the skins of the neck and want a visible one-off transformation and lift of the skin.

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