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How to get airbrushed looking skin


How to get airbrushed looking skin

In the age when we spend hours each day scrolling through Instagram, it’s no wonder that we all want to look so darn picture perfect all the time. Having a really good filter or beauty app is one of the keys to achieving a photo with over a thousand likes.

However, would you also want to have airbrushed look not just online but also in real life? This is also the reason why big beauty brands are coming out with primers, foundation and setting spray every other week so that the beauty conscious consumers like us can have our dreams come true. However, if you suffer from open pores, applying a high coverage foundation or concealer can sometimes make them look more noticeable in both real life or on photos. You can blur them on your camera settings but what can you do in real life?

From priming the complexion with a blurring makeup primer to concealing imperfections to illuminating our best facial features, we’ll share a guide to faking airbrushed skin.

SW1's BB Aquatouch improves skin texture and reduce pores

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1. Apply a good foundation starting from the centre of your face where most of the redness is. Have a professional makeup artiste choose the base colour for you so that it matches your skin tone exactly.

Try TOO FACED Born This Way Foundation, which comes in 24 shades. Blend past your jawline with a beauty blender to prevent any obvious lines. Infused with coconut water to replenish moisture, Alpine rose to lighten skin tone and elasticity, and hyaluronic acid to keep skin hydration, you’ll blend to get a medium-to-full coverage foundation with a natural-looking, dewy finish.

2. Brighten up your under-eye area and grab a concealer two or three shades lighter than your skin tone. Tap and blend it with your finger after a foundation to get a brightening effect. If you apply concealer after foundation, the foundation will mask the lighter concealer shade so your dark eye rings will still show instead of being lighter. “Blend the area where the concealer meets your foundation, gently, to get a beautiful seamless transition” says Marika Lee, makeup-artiste.

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3. Dust and set pressed powder with a brush using two different shades of powder: a lighter shade to set your concealer, and one that matches your skin tone. You won’t want all the brightness to be covered again.

Available in medium, light and deep, COVER FX Matte Setting Powder instantly imparts a soft-focus matte finish with long-lasting wear. Kaolin Clay & Oil Absorbing Microspheres help to control sebum secretion and minimise the appearance of pores. Skin will look sheer without any cakey-ness. 4. Add a natural flush right on to the apples of your cheeks. In order to get the most flattering skin tone based on your skin tone, pick a colour you light but buy a muted colour if you have light skin; use a bolder and deeper version if you have darker skin.

SW1's Baby Skin Program

If you want to have airbrushed skin sans makeup, SW1 Clinic‘s Baby skin program, awarded Best Skin Fixes 2018 in Skinmag, features the innovative BB AquaTouch Laser synergised with Pearl Éclat and LED Red to transform rough dull skin to one that is smoother, brighter as if with an instant “photoshop” airbrushed effect!

BB AquaTouch Laser’s new wavelength helps to clear spots, improve skin’s elasticity while diminishing pores and wrinkles so that your skin looks more youthful like a porcelain doll. Heal collagen which are broken down and renew skin with LED Red therapy and followed by a relaxing aromatherapy with Pearl Éclat mask to revive the lost illumination from deep within.

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TARTE Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush vibrant colours suits dufferent skin tones, can really last 12 hours without the need for any touch up. Amazonian clay reduces oil production to balance and keep the blush in place for hours, while those with dry skin can enjoy the nourishing and hydrating properties.

Also in 24 shades, TARTE Maracuja Creaseless Concealer is a crease-free liquid concealer that contains skin skinvigorating™ skincare benefits while giving you the coverage needed. Lacklustre skin becomes brighter by maracuja and rich antioxidants while any dark circles, redness or discolourations will be offset to unveil a dewy youthful look.

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