Get your weight loss on track with The Skinny Jab - SW1 Clinic

Get your weight loss on track with The Skinny Jab


I have a confession to make. During lockdown in 2020, I had miraculously put on 6 kg. From what or how, I can’t tell you. I thought I was eating the same amount of food as before but perhaps my output in terms of physical activity was greatly reduced due to the country’s imposed lockdown. Sure, I could still go out to exercise if I wanted to but juggling work-from-home with a toddler child meant any time I had to myself was in front of the TV, resting and regaining strength so to speak.

So here I am, staring at the digits on my weighing scale and trying to physically imagine what 6kg of extra weight looked like. It was definitely a case of shock horror realising how quickly the weight had crept up on me.

I had to do something about this! It was hard to accept that this is the heaviest weight I’ve ever been.

Cue The Skinny Jab – a weight loss treatment that couldn’t have been introduced to me at a better time.

Get your weight loss on track with The Skinny Jab

What is The Skinny Jab?

The Skinny Jab at SW1 Clinic uses Saxenda, an FDA approved injectable medicine that regulates hunger by mimicking glucagon-like-peptide (GLP-1). This effectively leads to lower calorie consumption and accelerated weight loss.

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How does it work?

The Skinny Jab works by regulating your appetite. Injected daily into either the stomach, thigh or upper arms (these areas tend to have more fat hence is less likely to be painful), the key ingredient in The Skinny Jab helps you feel full so it reduces your food intake.

It works best when you include some form of light physical activity be it walking or cycling. I’ve found this to help expedite the weight loss process. You eat less (without the hunger pangs) and work out more and makes for very effective weight loss.

How did The Skinny Jab feel like?

This was a daily injection you had to administer on yourself. The initial thought of injecting myself was scary but after I went through the first hurdle of actually doing it, I realised the injection was really quite painless! The needle was so fine that I hardly felt it at all.

The first few days of the injection gave me slight nausea but this was only temporary. My appetite was greatly reduced and most days I was happy to have only 1 small meal a day and that would suffice in keeping me feeling satiated.

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My verdict

In 6 weeks I lost 6kg. This was definitely one of the most effective weight loss treatments I’ve been on. Besides the initial onset of nausea, there was very little other side effects. Plus I felt this was a  great way for me to reboot my system to relearn how much calories I really needed to consume on a daily basis and to eat only when my body tells me to.

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