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Feeling Like A Newborn… After Your Newborn


With everything there’s good about motherhood and the relief of not looking like a bloated peach again, there are bound to be some post-pregnancy changes to the body that do not sit down too well with new mothers.

For me, my main cause of concern was my stretchmarks. Spread across the surface of my stomach like an webbed angry scar, I can’t help but worriedly run my fingers across it when I look at my bare torso, wondering what I can do to really get rid of them.

A further full-body check up on myself only served to reveal more stretch marks on my thighs, buttocks, hips and breasts.

It’s a Stretch

Think of our skin as a rubber band. With pregnancy or abrupt weight gain and loss, the skin stretches for a period of time, straining the elastic supportive tissue under it. Under duress, this tissue changes in colour,  like a stretched rubber band, leaving behind unsightly marks on the skin once un-stretched.

I had relieved myself of the baby bump, but all these marks made me want to slip back into my maternity clothes, just to conceal them all. This was not doing my esteem any wonders, and I knew I had to do something about it.

Damage Control

If you’re looking to achieve your pre-pregnancy figure, the stretch marks need to go first, because it’s as prominent as your 8-month old baby bump. If your topical, self-help solutions are not doing anything for you, there is nothing a little bit of laser would not fix. That is exactly what the LED Red treatment did  for my stretchmarks.

This procedure enhances the growth of collagen and improves the healing abilities of the skin, while reducing pigmentation, pores and oil on your skin. Get it in a single session…or 8 if you want optimal results.

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X Marks The Spot(s)

Another one of the more well-received treatments I tried out was the SmartX laser treatment.

Another leading-edge form of laser therapy, SmartX makes use of CO2 technology along with a high-speed computer scanner to deliver a matrix of microlaser pulses that banishes skin imperfections and activate skin rejuvenation, at the same time speeding up the healing rate of your skin.

This procedure not only removes the pigmentation that causes stretch marks, it helps to (immediately) tighten your skin too, because God knows how much it’s stretched thin and loose with pregnancy.

The Dynamic Dual

Next up on the list during my crusade with stretch marks comes the Fraxel Dual Laser treatment. Since 2005, this treatment has fared well with time and is still being frequently performed by Dr Kenneth Lee, a former regional trainer for Fraxel. This procedure is named as such because of their usage of two different kinds of lasers, one for resurfacing and the other for depigmentation.

Stretch marks are a sight for sore eyes, but they also feel bumpy and uneven to the touch. This treatment deals with two issues in one sitting, with both lasers working to make your skin look good and feel good.

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The Gold Standard

Having subjected myself to a series of professional treatments that finally bore fruit, I needed to pull my weight as well, with a little self-administered treatment for my stretch marks Upon the glowing recommendation of the doctors at my aesthetic clinic, I got myself the Gold Oil Retinol from the chái range, an anti-aging oil that is intended for the neck on paper, but actually packs a hidden punch.

With this product containing a significant number of natural skin-friendly nutrients meant to smoothen, nourish and brighten the skin, I was advised to use it on my stretch marks pre or post-treatment too… and it worked like a dream. With my stretch marks a thing of the past, this oil has been an absolute revelation when it comes to the upkeep of my baby skin. I was ready to take on motherhood with a smile on my face.

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Thus begins the dawn of my new era as a mother…and I just extended the invitation for you to join me too.

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