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Facts And Myths About Breast Augmentation


Established as one of the top three cosmetic surgeries for many years running, breast augmentation surgery ranks very highly when it comes to patient satisfaction. Yet, this popular procedure is shrouded with assumptions that are often not based on scientific fact. In this article, we ask Dr Chia Hui Ling to share some factual information that will help dispel the myths about this surgery. Dr Chia is a female plastic surgeon in SW1 Plastic Surgery Clinic and specialises in breast reconstruction and breast enhancement surgeries.

Myth #1

Breastfeeding is not safe after breast augmentation

With the right techniques, having breast implants is not a contraindication to future lactation. Dr Chia explains that breast augmentation surgery has low risk in altering nipple sensation and nipple function. Furthermore, in women who are concerned about its interference with breastfeeding, there are specialised surgical methods to minimize these risks even further. These include using an incision at the lower breast crease rather than around the nipple, placing the implant under the breast fascia or under the muscle and choosing a smaller implant. The chances of silicone tainting breast milk is also very unlikely.


Myth #2

Breast implants need to be replaced after 10 years

The commonest reasons why women replace their implant (apart from deciding to up- or down-size) are implant leak and capsular contracture (hardening around the implant). The longer the time since the implants were inserted, the higher the risks. That said, there is NO absolute need to change the implant at 10 years. Women should continue the routine check-ups with their plastic surgeons after breast augmentation, on top of regular breast screening (for women after the age of 40), to detect for any implant issues.


With newer implant technologies, such as those built into Motiva Implants, the latest generation breast implants, we may see a decline in capsular contracture and implant leak. There is increasing evidence that Motiva implant shells has very low capsular contracture and leak rates, thanks to its strong SilkSurfaceTM implant shell. Motiva is so certain of the benefits of their technology that they provide a warranty program for a period of 10 years. Only a selected group of plastic surgeons are accredited to use this premium implant in Singapore.

High magnification of the nanotextured SilkSurface


Myth #3

The breasts will not feel or move naturally after a breast augmentation

The latest in silicone gel is ProgressiveGel UltimaTM, found in the Motiva ErgonomixTM range. The “just-right” fluidity of this implant gives it a very natural look, feel and move. When lying flat the implant is round. But when upright, the implant assumes a tear-drop shape, mimicking appearance of breast tissues. The consistency of this implant also makes it feel like our own tissues.

The nature of the gel gives it a very natural look, feel and movement.



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