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Does Laser Hair Therapy really help to restore hair loss?


While many of us have heard of laser hair removal, did you know that there are laser treatments to help with hair loss? A well-known laser hair therapy known as Revage 670 is known to stimulate hair follicles, to enhance hair growth.

If hair loss is keeping you up at night, you want to consider Revage 670 as a potential solution.

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Laser light therapy for hair growth is unlike other hair restoration options that are out there. Laser hair therapy doesn’t cause new hair to grow but it does stop the rate of loss and help existing hair to grow more thickly.

The treatment works by using low-level, red light lasers and you’ll be pleased to know this doesn’t damage the skin or cause any side effects. The entire treatment process is painless and very comfortable.


Revage 670 is a very straightforward procedure where the patient sits underneath a cap or hood that has 10 to 50 laser diodes on it. The diodes deliver the energy directly to the patient’s scalp which then spur the mitochondria in the cells and to improve blood flow to the scalp. The increased circulation as a result helps improve the health of the scalp and the existing hair follicles, which often leads to improved hair growth.


Revage 670 is suitable for both males and females and the treatment works best in patients who still have some hair. Women who are experiencing hair loss might see better results from laser treatments, as they are more likely to have areas of diffuse thinning rather than bald patches on their scalp more commonly found in their male counterparts.  Also, this treatment works well for those who experience shedding.

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WHAT TO EXPECT FROM the treatment?

Revage 670 is an FDA-approved treatment and has been found to be successful in reducing hair loss in up to 85% of patients and improved hair density in 40% of patients over a period of 16 weeks.

Results from the therapy aren’t instant. Several phases of treatment over the course of several months is recommended for best results.


Improve your chances of hair growth by incorporating a diet promotes hair health and growth. For example, include food that is high in zinc, is a good source of protein and iron and hight in omega 3. Leafy greens, berries, and nuts are also great foods to have in your diet to promote hair growth.

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