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Doctor-Approved Fat-Busting Treatments


We pick the brains of a few plastic surgeons to find out some of their clients’ most favoured surgical and non-surgical fat-cutting, body contouring treatments:

1. Liposuction
Nothing beats good ol’ liposuction when it comes to fat-busting. Liposuction has been for a while the most efficient way of removing fat from the face and body, and the advent of aesthetic technology just continues to bring its efficacy to greater heights.  It is a surgical procedure, requiring small incisions to position liposuction cannulas into the areas targeted for treatment. The amount of downtime for recovery is dependent on the extent of the procedure. Liposuction has been consistently the most efficient way of fat removal

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Popular fat busting treatments

2. Radiofrequency
Radiofrequency (RF), while conveted for its skin-lifting powers in facial rejuvenation procedures like Thermage, has an effect on fat elimination too.

3. Ultrasound
One of the new treatments on the market fast gaining traction for its fat-busting qualities, Vaser delivers ultrasonic waves to fat tissues, literally busting them, by imploding fat cells.  The pairing of and ultrasound treatment with liposuction provides a synergistic effect to emulsify fat, facilitating its removal and tightening the skin at the same time. Vaser Liposculpture can contour and produce results beyond fat removal

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4. Cryolipolysis
When body fat is subjected to a certain level of coldness, the fat cells start to disintegrate, causing the body to respond with a reflexive inflammatory reaction.  What follows next is the organic disposal of the disintegrated fat cells. This is the process known as cryolipolysis.  Coolshape is an example of the said procedure, that uses a non-invasive applicator that targets fat cells in localized areas of the body . Popular areas of choice include the really stubborn areas of the body, like the “love handles” and “muffin top”. Coolshape uses cryolipolysis to sculpt problem areas such as love handles and muffin tops

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