Beauty Confidential

Beauty Confidential


Ever wondered how models and celebrities manage to look so amazing from top to toe? Now you can look your best by stealing some of their top beauty secrets.

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 [+] A Svelte Silhouette: Coolshape


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Coolshape gives you beautiful gams

From curve-hugging dresses to unforgiving swimwear, looking good in the hottest fashion necessitates a good foundation. Yvette is what many would consider a runway goddess, yet this 22 year old Hong Kong based model says she has little time for exercise and has (shockingly) fat bulges that she detests!

“I recently discovered Coolshape at SW1 Clinic and I’m amazed that I could see results after 2 sessions,” divulged the ageless model. “Yoga stretches, HIIT workouts, I had tried pretty much everything to bust fat around my inner thighs and to tighten my buttocks, but nothing worked.”

“I had 2 simple and painless sessions. When I first saw the results a month later at the swimming pool, I was pleasantly surprised. My unflattering areas had tighten so much! They were almost gone! I would definitely do it again.”

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[+] The Perfect V-shaped Face: Audrey (Beauty Blogger) BOTOX® Facial Slimming

Audrey has lots to glow about – the successful beauty blogger is also a beautiful bride-to-be. Everything’s rosy and perfect, except for what the petite lovelie called her “SpongeAud Squareface”.

We know how the camera adds virtual kilos. Audrey underwent V-Sculpt Facial Program at SW1 one month before the big day to pare pounds off her face; her hope was to achieve a V-shaped jawline without breaking a sweat.

“Just in time for my wedding, so I was Small-faced Aud then,” said Audrey, who now looks perfect from every angle. “No pain, no side effects, nothing. What I loved above the V-Sculpt Facial Program was that it paired Botox jawline slimming with HIFU Sygma Skin Lifting. I’m convinced it’s why I looked more sculpted and defined after!”

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