We often care about our face and go to great lengths to cleanse, moisturise and protect them, hoping to avoid more spots, lines and wrinkles that could give our age away. It wasn’t till recently it occurred to me I should be extending the skincare regime down to my neck too. What good would it do if my face was a mirage of youth (here’s to hoping) but the deep creases on my neck reveal otherwise.

And what about our hands? They are just as exposed to the elements as the rest of our face and neck and yet I have to admit I’ve never stopped to pay much attention to them, save for the odd vacation in a winter climate where the trusty tube of moisturiser would be used. No longer the lithe 20 something I once was, I wondered if my eyes were playing tricks on me when I spotted what looked like age spots on my hands.

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I stopped by SW1 Clinic to speak to Dr Low Chai Ling, to find out if I was just being neurotic in thinking my hands are starting to look old.

“Not only are our hands exposed to the elements daily, they are also subject to harsh soaps, which more often than not are not ideal for skin. Add on sun exposure, and you will notice a difference between the skin on your hands and that of your face in time to come”, shared Dr Low.

To take better care of your hands, Dr Low suggests replacing soap for a gentler handwash, followed with moisturiser. “As you would with your face, apply some sunscreen to your hands too for added sun protection.  Do also remember to include your hands in your exfoliation regime as dead skin cells also builds up here. Simply use a facial exfoliator weekly and you’re good to go,” adds Dr Low.

However, this is simply a basic skincare. What about spots and lines that have already started to appear on my hands? Surely this skincare regime wasn’t going to reverse the signs of aging.

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Brown spots and pigmentation aren’t just limited to the skin on your face. With prolonged sun exposure, such as driving where the hands are placed on the steering wheel exposing it to the sun’s rays, pigmentation can occur on the hands too. A laser such as Fraxel Dual is perfect for kickstarting the skin’s rejuvenation process. Customisable for every individual, Fraxel can be used both on the face and hands to resurface the skin, addressing sun-related textural imperfections, namely pigmentation, and promote the production of collagen. The end result? Smoother, clearer skin, and younger looking hands.

If wrinkles are your main cause for worry, SmartX Lite is a carbon dioxide laser that helps to transform skin deep within the dermal layers. Besides stimulating the skin’s natural cell renewal cycle, skin texture as well as skin elasticity are enhanced. This treatment is perfect for mature skin looking for youth-revival properties for skin that has been neglected over the years. Who wouldn’t want a pair of youthful hands to match their equally youthful visage?

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