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The latest trends for non-surgical facelifts


I want to look old, said no one ever.

In this era of selfies and Instagrams where showing the best versions of ourselves have become the social norm, we are made to feel more than ever that aging is something we should fear and avoid at all costs.  It even seems that the 50s are now the new 30s. The plethora of treatments available in the fields of aesthetics and plastic surgery almost makes it inexcusable for us not to look younger than we are.

Besides the list of must-dos on a daily basis to keep skin firm and plumped with collagen, let’s face it, there’s only so much these over the counter products can do. To finetune the inner workings, we really need to go deep down into the recesses of our collagen make-up.

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Lasers in recent years have become synonymous with antiaging. Without the need for going under the knife and requiring long recovery periods, it’s no wonder lasers are the way to go when looking for an antiaging antidote. Here we look at the top trending laser treatments that promise to give a boost to the skin and a bonus glow to shave off a few good years that your skin will thank you for.

#1 Neogen Plasma

NeoGen also known as the fourth state of matter, engages plasma energy to help skin achieve a slew of skin benefits. With great precision, it is able to stimulate the rebuilding of collagen and elastic (the reason for plump, firm skin) where it is needed. It is even safe enough to be used around the delicate eye area.

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Most patients notice an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles and even an improvement in skin tone and skin tightening. Even scars and pigmentation can be treated with Neogen Plasma, with minimal downtime. There may be some redness to the treated areas immediately after treatment but patients can return to normal activities with redness resolving in 1-2 days.

#2 Light Lift

If you suspect your skin has been subject to sun damage (think wrinkles, blotchy skin and pigmentation) and it’s piling on unwanted years on your face, Light Lift might be the treatment for you.

Using FDA-approved CoolView technology, Light Lift is a star favourite for many as this multitasking laser treatment can help to rebuild collagen, tighten skin, minimise pores, smoothen wrinkles and reduce acne scars.

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Treatment is quick and comfortable with no downtime. Some may experience mild flushing of the skin after treatment but can be easily concealed with makeup, which usually resolves in few hours. The end result? Enviably younger and healthier looking skin

#3 BBL Forever Young

If your main concerns are pigmentation and uneven skin tone and texture, consider BBL (Broadband Light) Forever Young your BFF. An upgraded version of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), BBL helps to achieve younger, firmer skin by stimulating the production of new collagen which in turn reduces fine lines, minimises pores, reduces the appearance of spots and smoothen out skin.

Generally comfortable, this treatment utilises a glass prism (pyramid) on the treatment area and an intense pulse of light flashed through the prism to treat a specific area to rid you of your skincare problems.  After a week, these brown spots that occur as a result of the treatment will flake and fall off, showing off bright, fresh and luminous skin.


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