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Beauty mistakes to avoid in 2023


Another year older and another wiser perhaps? If so, this should extend to your skincare and beauty habits so you will know to steer clear of these beauty mistakes this year.

#1 Not cleaning your skin properly

No matter how much skincare products you use, nothing is going to work if you don’t start with clean skin. I’m sure we can all agree clean skin is the foundation of all skincare regimes and starting off on a clean slate is a really good place to be.

If you love wearing makeup, double cleansing is the way to go. First with an oil-based cleansing balm followed with your regular facial cleanser. This will be a surefire way to get rid of all traces of makeup and the day’s buildup of dirt, oil and grime, and not to mention pollution!

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#2 Being inconsistent with sun protection

We all know the importance of sunscreen and how much it correlates with ageing skin. But don’t just wait till you’re leaving the apartment or till you are the pool or beach before you start to apply sunscreen. The sun’s rays penetrate glass and windows so that means even if you’re indoors you should be applying a decent layer of sun protection.

This year, make sunscreen a part of your skincare regime and not leave it as an option for the outdoors.

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#3 Using too many skincare products

Treat this as a sign to declutter your bathroom shelf. Pronto.

When it comes to skincare products, more doesn’t always mean more. In fact with too many skincare products in the way, there is a higher chance of you using ingredients that clash with each other and cancelling out their desired benefit.

Embrace minimalism especially when it comes to skincare and stick to the ones that work and help you to achieve your skin goals. This means taking stock of what you currently own and being really specific on what needs to go.

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#4 Seeking skincare advise from non-experts

Quoted by Carmen Dell’Orefice, “If your ceiling is falling down, don’t you call someone in? I apply the same to myself.”

When it comes to your skin and face, don’t you feel you deserve to entrust it to the professionals to help you keep it in the best state possible?

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