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Are Lip Fillers for you?


These days it seems getting something done to enhance one’s appearance is not just limited to changing the way you dress or how you wear your hair. Making literal changes to your facial features in the name of beauty is getting more popular than ever before. One of the aesthetic treatments on everyone’s lips are…. Lip fillers. Full, pillowy lips have become a fashion statement in recent years and almost everyone I know wants in on them, but these aren’t the only reasons why one would get lip fillers done.

Lip fillers have come a long way and now offer more than just a volumising effect.

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Age defying

As we age, we lose collagen not just in our faces but also in our lips. Not only do we lose volume in our lips as we get older, we lose definition too. To restore youthful, full lips, lip shaping fillers can be strategically placed to enhance the appearance of one’s cupid bow and restore the ideal proportions of your lips, improving the overall appearance.


Sometimes it’s not the pout but the excessive lines on your lips that is causing much concern. Dry lips don’t always look the most attractive and could add unwanted years to your face. By introducing microinjections of ultra-fine, natural hyaluronic acid to your lips, Revitalift Lips is a great way to provide deep hydration and minimise lines on your lips, without overtly increasing the size and volume of one’s lips.

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Fuller lips

Sure, fuller lips are what you’re after and naturally lip fillers will do the trick. To fill out one’s thin lips, Lip Volume fillers would be recommended for its ability to provide lips with a good foundation to build on and restore your lips’ natural contours and shape.

Whichever your reason may be for getting lip fillers, always be sure to visit a reputable aesthetic doctor with good experience. Perform a lip procedure done is very much like getting an artist to paint a picture. You may have the same materials but it’s how skilfully and artistically your doctor works with them.


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