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4 Anti-Aging Treatments for the Neck


4 Anti-Aging Treatments for the Neck

Age proofing should extend beyond our faces lest a disjointed look. Think taut face that is seemingly youthful but a crepey-looking neck.

We feature 4 anti-aging treatments for the neck that does not require you to go under the knife in order to achieve an irresistible, youthful looking neck. The information below on which treatment is best suited to lift and tighten saggy skin around the neck is put together with the help of Dr Michelle Lim, Senior Medical Consultant at SW1 Clinic.

Q1 What is your concern for skin around the neck?

Dr Lim: (a) I have really saggy or wrinkled skin: You might have to consider Surgical Neck Lift. (b) I have mild to moderately saggy or wrinkled skin: You can consider non-surgical anti-aging neck treatments – Thermage, Ulthera and/or Infinity Neck Thread Lift.

Q2 What are the differences between Thermage, Ulthera, Infinity Neck Thread Lift and Rejuran DNA Resurgence for the neck area?

We have summarized key differences offered by Dr Lim in a table below.

Differences between Anti-Aging Treatments for the Neck

No downtime while some patients may experience very mild, transient puffiness and swelling in the treated areaNo downtime except for some mild redness in skin that should disappear in a matter of hoursMinimal downtime as with all surgeries, some bruising and mild swelling to be expected. No downtime except for tiny pin-prick marks that resolve in a dayA combination of treatments is recommended for best results.For instance: When combining Rejuran DNA Resurgence with Infinity Neck Thread Lift, skin gets a boost in natural healing and rejuvenative capacity. Therefore this could prolong the neck lift effect. These aesthetic treatments can also be combined safely with other treatments including lasers and fillers.

Differences / Treatments Thermage Ulthera Infinity Neck Thread Lift
Purpose Skin rejuvenation using non-invasive energy devices Skin rejuvenation using non-invasive energy devices Skin lifting via a minimally invasive procedure
Method Radio Frequency (RF) waves are emitted to penetrate deep into the skin Focused-ultrasound energy delivered to reach a specific and deeper layer of tissue that surgeons target in an open surgical facelift Fine bio-absorbable threads are inserted under the skin of the neck to anchor and provide traction at places needed
Effect Thermage stimulates collagen renewal and skin tightening Ulthera achieves a mild facelift Infinity Neck Thread Lift achieves an instant facelift
When will Result be Expected? Gradual improvement with time Gradual improvement with time Dramatic improvement quickly
Timeframe to Expect Best Result 3 to 6 months onwards 3 to 6 months onwards Within 2 weeks
Any Downtime?
Can these Treatments be Combined?
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Q3 What is the procedure for Thermage and Ulthera Neck like?

Dr Lim: As topical numbing cream is usually generously applied beforehand, both procedures I would say, are fairly comfortable. Patients who did Thermage when it first launched may have painful memories of the procedure, but the new CPT cooling tip now makes the procedure virtually painless.

Ulthera Diagram vs. RF(Comparison of the depth of penetration between Thermage and Ulthera)

Q4 What is the procedure for Infinity Neck Thread Lift like?

Dr Lim: Infinity Neck Thread Lift requires a little more preparation, but adequate numbing is also the key to comfort. After topical numbing cream has taken its effect, we micro-inject a numbing agent to numb the entire neck area under the skin. We ensure the treated area is sufficiently numb before making several small punctures and inserting the threads. Immediately after procedure, we will tape up the neck area for the rest of the day to minimize swelling. Patients should refrain from strenuous activities for a few days after.

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