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What to look forward to when you’re fully vaccinated

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As of 8 August, 70% of the population in Singapore has been fully vaccinated and by fully vaccinated, we are referring to those who have completed 2 doses of their vaccination including a 2-week recovery period post-jab.

As we remain optimistic of more people getting vaccinated before the end of this year, there are signs of life getting back to some semblance of normalcy for us and there are activities we can certainly look forward to! Here are some we think you’ll be excited to know about and will surely help to lift your spirits.

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What to look forward to when you’re fully vaccinated

Beauty treatments

Mask off treatments such as facials and massages are now allowed to resume for individuals who are fully vaccinated. This is good news for those who felt their complexion has been compromised from constant mask wearing and for those who desperately need a good massage to ease off any knots and tension from living in such uncertain times.

Social gatherings

The numbers now allowed for fully vaccinated individuals have increased to 5 should you wish to meet with friends and family. Dining in rules have also now relaxed to accommodate 5 persons per group with the exclusion of hawker centres where the numbers still remain at 2 persons per group, regardless your vaccination status.

Tour groups

While travel is still restricted, take this opportunity to rediscover Singapore, exploring hidden gems and unique experiences you never knew before. There are various local tours available from tracking down Singapore’s wildlife at night, to exploring a kelong or visit a local coffee roaster and bread factory. If you’re still holding on to your Singapore Discover vouchers, this could be a good option to use them up before they expire on 31 December 2021.

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Gyms & Fitness studios

For fitness buffs who enjoy an intense workout in a gym or studio, you’d be pleased to know mask-off is now allowed even if you’re capped at 5 persons per group or 30 persons per class, assuming everyone attending the session is fully vaccinated. Time to get back to your favourite spin class or Pilates class and get those feel-good hormones surging in your body again!

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