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Here’s to a younger jawline


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As I look at pictures of myself 10 years ago, one thing that stands out is how defined my jawline was, and it seems I wasn’t the only one to notice this difference in their facial features. Many friends have lamented at some point or another at how they seemed to have lost their defined jawline with age.

One inevitably wonders where the jawline has moved to. Is it hiding under a layer of fat on our face? Or did the shape of our face change with age? As it turns out, these two are true for many. As we get older, not only is it more likely that we will pile on the pounds, skin around this part of the face also lose their tautness and start to sag, decreasing the visibility of our jawline.  Studies have also shown that as we age, our facial bones undergo changes too.

It’s one thing to leave things to nature and another to do something about it. Not one to sit back and let gravity continue to do its work on my face, I explored my options with Dr Kenneth Lee, medical director of SW1 Clinic.

Botox Masseter

Besides getting rid of deep wrinkles on our forehead, Botox has found its way to other parts of the face, in particular to the jaw to slim the face and create a more V-shaped face. Botox can be placed directly into the masseter muscles of the face, with the process under 30minutes and results lasting about 3-4 months.

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Nefertiti Facelift

Inspired by Nefertiti’s famed jawline, the Nefertiti Facelift is a non-invasive procedure using miniscule doses of Botox selectively distributed over the jaw and neck meant to halt gravity’s downward pull of the skin on the neck and jaw. Result? A natural lifting effect around the lower jawline as well as a smoothening of the skin on your neck. This is a painless treatment with results lasting between 3-5 months.

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Infinity V-Lift

Without having to undergo surgery, bio-absorbable threads are inserted into selected areas of the face to lift and reposition facial tissues for a more youthful appearance. As the name suggests, Infinity V-lift is perfect for contouring the lower face to improve contours and definition while tightening jowls and saggy skin. Mild swelling for 1-2 days is expected and even mild bruising for some patients, with results lasting up to 12 months.


Ultherapy is not new to the aesthetics industry and for good reason. Using ultrasound, it has shown consistently good results in firming, tightening and lifting the skin on your face. By delivering just the right amount of energy to the areas under your skin, stimulating collagen production and gradual skin tightening over time. With this treatment, you can be assured the surface of your skin remains unharmed. Results are visible after 1 or 2 treatments with the full effects over the course of 2-3 months.

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