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5 Signs your Face looks Fake


Look at the transformation of Joan Rivers or Donatella Versace and you will realise that there’s some truth to plastic surgery being addictive. While we can all benefit from some beauty enhancements to look refreshed and a better version of ourselves, avoid these 5 telltale signs of plastic surgery to stay on top of the ‘au naturel’ trend in vogue now.

1. A face that Looks too Tight

(Joan Rivers has a face that is too tight and unnatural.)

You won’t need to spot scars behind or in front of the ears that’s indicative of a facelift when it is obvious from facial skin that is pulled too taut. According to Dr. Low Chai Ling, Founder of The Sloane Clinic, the face can appear artificial when only the skin is tightened without engaging the fat muscles and tissues. A mouth that seems too wide or elongated earlobes (think pixie ears) are also dead giveaways that a trip has been made to the skin doctor.

The face loses volume with age so Dr. Low recommends restoring it with just the right amount of fillers as excessive fillers can result in an unwanted pillow face. “Complement a facelift with a neck threadlift for a complete yet natural overall appearance,” she adds.

2. An Expressionless Face

(Botox claimed Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston’s genuine smiles.)

A frozen look where the face looks too smooth to be real, has clearly been subjected to an overdose of Botox. When done poorly, injections of this muscle relaxant to the forehead can also give the impression of a person who’s about to flare-up at any moment with ominous-looking brows.

We, beauty seekers, should not demand the impossible of removing all signs of age on our face as not all facial lines are meant to be erased. To achieve a youthful visage without loss of movement in major facial muscles, Dr. Toby Hui, Aesthetic Consultant, advises going slow starting with smaller doses of Botox. Try MicroRefine, microinjections of tiny doses of Botox evenly distributed over the face and neck to diminish fine wrinkles, perfect to rejuvenate and refine skin.

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3. Unnatural Looking Eyes

(Jocelyn Wildenstein’s obsession with looking like a cat drove her to get narrow and elevated eyes.)

Eyes don’t lie. A hallowed pair may recount a fat (eyebag) removal that has “exceeded” expectations. Similarly, eyelid creases as deep as the Mariana Trench, creating peepers as big as a deer’s tell of an eyelid surgery (Upper Blepharoplasty) that failed to take into account the proportion of the face.

“The eyes are a prominent facial feature and as the skin around them is very thin, the area needs to be treated delicately. A subtle tweak can become amplified,” explains Dr. Hui. Essentially, aesthetic procedures require skill and an eye for detail from the doctors. “If you’re looking to tighten and lift sagging skin around the eyes, I would recommend an Eye Revival Program on top of Ultimate Eyelift Program to give the eye area a new lease of life.” says Dr. Hui. Eye Revival Program is a two part program that resuscitates tired and aging eyes with a potent combination of laser (Laser Toning) and microinjections of hyaluronic acid (Revitalift).

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4. A Sharper-than-Usual Nose

(Dead giveaway. Paris Hilton has a nose with a manufactured tip.)

Again, before you start looking underneath someone’s nose for a scar typical of a Rhinoplasty, ask yourself if the person in question has an extremely small nose with a high bridge that seems out of place with relation to the rest of the face. There’s a high chance he/she has had a nose job especially if he/she is an Asian.

“The size and height of the nose needs to be relative to the overall shape of the face,” shares Dr. Low who emphasises that good surgery should not be obvious. She recommends coupling a nose threadlift with a chin augmentation will help to keep the facial features in balance.

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5. Trout Pout

(Lauren Goodger makes the common mistake of having excessive lip fillers.)

Thick lips that raise concern of an allergic reaction (or known as a trout pout) is a lip trap many consciously or unconsciously fall into. Going overboard with lip fillers may result in puckers deviating from the norm of having the lower lip about 50% larger than the upper one, says Dr. Hui. This creates an unnatural result that instantly screams you have had lip injections and not in a way that increases sensuality, appeal and youth.

“A consultation is essential to determine the lip structure and how to enhance it. If certain muscles around the mouth are creating a downward pull on the corners of lips, lip fillers will not be as helpful as Botox to release tension to restore lips to their natural shape,” explains Dr. Hui. If lips are full but dehydrated and lifeless, consider Revitalift Lips which boost lip health and hydration with natural hyaluronic acid content without adding unwanted volume to the lips.


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