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Look out for these aesthetic trends in 2021


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While 2020 has been turbulent to say the least, we have seen the growth in popularity with aesthetic treatments such as Profhilo, where hyaluronic acid is injected under the skin to lift and firm the skin, and the use of anti wrinkle injections to improve skin tone and texture.

With the world of aesthetic treatments constantly evolving, what will 2021 bring?

Look out for these aesthetic trends in 2021

Weight loss by injection

When we think of weight loss down the traditional route, we tend to think of decreasing food intake and increasing exercise. As straightforward as it seems, decreasing our food intake overnight is not as easy as it’s all made out to be. Habitual eating and snacking patterns coupled with the occasional cravings can easily derail our weight loss plan.

Now present in the form of a unique injectable pen containing FDA-approved medicine, Saxenda mimics the natural hunger regulating hormone known as glucagon-like-peptide (GLP-1), leading  to lower calorie consumption and accelerated weight loss.

This is a painless injection that you can do by yourself daily until you have achieved your ideal weight.

Full face fillers

Before when you can get an injection to perk up the appearance of a specific area, such as your lips and chin, fillers now are done in a holistic manner. This means the doctor will consider the way your entire face looks and will choose the right type of fillers to help enhance your appearance.

Customised to suit every face and its needs, a series of full face fillers ranging from foundational fillers, lifting fillers and beautification fillers can address the signs of aging and bring out the aesthetic potential of every individual’s face.

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Nanofat injections

When it comes to killing two birds with one stone, it doesn’t get better than nanofat injections. By harvesting unwanted fat from your body through liposuction, nanofat is then extracted through a process and injected back into your face.

This fat that originates from your own body can be used to plump up areas and replenish volume, very much like how fillers work. Not only will you experience rejuvenated skin, you can expect an improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, and dark eye circles lightening.

Results are long lasting and you know your body is not going to reject your own fat cells.



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