The Latest Plastic Surgery Innovation You Need to Know: Nanofat Grafting

The Latest Plastic Surgery Innovation You Need to Know: Nanofat Grafting


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Fat grafting is an unmistakable breakthrough in plastic surgery over the last few years. Recycling your own fat, to plump up your face or upsize your breasts,is no longer a fantasy.  Plastic surgeons have now taken fat grafting to a higher level – Nanofat Grafting.

With better understanding behind the science of fat and with advances in fat processing techniques, our plastic surgeons can tap into the stem cells and growth factors housed within fat tissue.  The result is Nanofat.  In contrast to Microfat, where fat cells are injected into the face or body to add volume, in Nanofat, the cells are removed and the remaining “liquid gold”, rich in growth factors and fat stem cells, is re-injected into the skin for repair and rejuvenation.

Likened to skinboosters, Nanofat instead of fillers is injected into the substance of the skin and ideal for

  • Fine wrinkles around the eyes and lips and décolleté
  • Thin, aging and UV-damaged skin
  • Dark eye circles

Only a small amount of fat is needed so it is possible to harvest aequate fat even if you are slim.  Nanofat is superior over fillers because it is a concentrate of your own fat stem cells and growth factors, giving a longer lasting effect and has the power to rejuvenate and repair the skin.

Swelling and bruising after Nanofat grafting usually last under a week. With Microfat grafting, this may last for 1-2 weeks after each session, depending on how much fat grafting is done. It is crucial that the fat is processed and injected meticulously, to avoid problems such as lumpiness.

Nanofat is often injected in combination with Microfat. Synergistically, they can produce the ultimate anti-aging result – skin rejuvenation and volumizing.

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