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LDM Triple

Key benefits:

  • A newer version of LDM-Med
  • Treats a myriad of skin concerns painlessly
  • Visible results after treatment

Procedure details:

  • Painless with zero downtime
  • 15 – 30 min procedure

Looking for a laser that solves a multitude of skin concerns? Look no further than LDM Triple that penetrates deep in to the dermis to treat acne, sagging and dull skin, and even keloids to give you brighter, firmer, more lifted skin!

What is LDM Triple?

LDM stands for Local Dynamic Micro-Massage and is an upgraded version of the existing LDM-Med technology that allows for an instantaneous change between different frequencies. This new development stands out from other ultrasound systems by being able to change between 3 frequencies simultaneously and integrates for the first time, 19MHz frequency.

This creates waves that are more powerful and effective compared to conventional ultrasound treatments, treating deep tissues and improving overall skin health all without compromising or overheating the skin.

What can LDM Triple do for me?

The LDM Triple can be used to treat both dermatology and aesthetic procedures. It can also complement other aesthetic procedures to help you achieve your desired results.


How does LDM Triple work?

Most ultrasound systems only carry frequencies in the range of 1 to a maximum of 5MHz, thus mainly concentrating energy far below the dermis. LDM Triple is the latest development of the LDM technology and like the LDM technology, it involves an instantaneous change between different frequencies.

The uniqueness of LDM Triple is that it also offers ultrasonic waves with a special frequency of 10 MHz and 19 MHz other than 1MHz and 3MHz. This allows the energy to work effectively on the superficial layers of the skin, especially in the dermis and the border of dermis / subcutis to enhance skin rejuvenative effects.

How long is each session of LDM Triple?

The treatment ranges from 15 minutes to 30 minutes including time to prep the skin for the treatment.

What can I expect during the procedure?

This treatment is very comfortable without any pain and downtime.

What can I expect after LDM Triple treatment?

There is no downtime so you may wear makeup and continue with your daily activities immediately after treatment.

Who is suitable for LDM Triple?

What’s great about LDM Triple is that it’s suitable and safe for every skin type and colour.

I’m interested in getting LDM Triple!

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*Results may vary according to individuals.