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Hair Today, More Tomorrow


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Did you know that it is normal for the body to shed between 50 to 100 hairs a day? Yes, you read It right. It usually happens while showering or when we brush our hair. However, it is a normal condition as the hair cycle repeats itself where hair falls and replaces itself. You should only be concern when you experience crowning glory to thin out unnaturally. The causes may be linked to telogen effluvium or hereditary hair loss.

Hair today, more tomorrow

If you can relate to this, do not panic. Read on as we share with you the beat ways to help save your hair. It not too late yet!

  1. Invest in a good hair growth serum

Often overlooked by many, hair serum is in fact very crucial in hair care. Being recognized by doctors to be the first line of defense, hair growth serums such as the Hair Recovery Strengthening and Rejuvenating serum gently massages the scalp with the infused Minoxidil to promote hair growth and ratard the balding process.

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  1. Experience the hair biostimulation lasers

You would probably have heard (or even tried) the low-level laser light therapy (LLLT). Painless and targeted laser treatment, it follows the theory that under long application duration, it triggers biological effects. Phototherapy brings about photobiomodulation in the scalp. For those we are determined and serious and restoring your full head hair, the must have laser device for best results is the Revage 670.

  1. Undergo hair growth treatments

The latest breakthrough in the hair regeneration is the Kera-Clone, a new medical hair restoration treatment. Kera-Clone helps build hair growth by improving hair counts and hair density at areas with thinning hair. This process relays on one’s own follicular unit, acting like an organic fertilizer added to the dying plant to revive and bloom again.

Patients undergoing Kera-Clone are highly encouraged to add on with another hair loss treatment such as Revage (Full Potential Program) to achieve better results.

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