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Detox: How to Cleanse your body right

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Living in the 21st century, despite the modernity and advancements it has provided, we have become exposed to an increasing number of chemicals in our food supply, the air we breathe, and even through many common items we use on a daily basis, including cosmetics and household cleaners.

These chemicals build up in our system and can lead to various adverse effects including weight gain.

Not to be mistaken as the latest fad, a well-designed detoxification plan can help to restart your body and give your liver a helping hand in eliminating excess toxins.

One could easily be confused with the myriad of options out there that tout themselves as detox diets, from juice cleanse to starving your body over a period of time. But what exactly is detoxification?

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Simply put, detoxification starts in your liver. The liver first converts toxic substances to highly reactive metabolites and excretes these toxins from your body. Other organs in your body such as your kidneys, lungs, and even gut also play a role in detoxification.

An accumulation of toxins in our body can compromise our body’s defences and cause certain toxins to remain active longer than preferred. This can lead to us being sick and impede on the body’s natural metabolism causing water retention and bloat.

This is where a good detox plan can assist to get your body back on track again, to get your liver functioning in optimal condition and even aid in effective weight loss.

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For those who hate changes, consider a supplement you can take on a daily basis which doesn’t hinder your day-to-day lifestyle choices. DAILY CLEANSE Dietary Supplements encourages healthy detoxification and elimination of toxins by increasing the frequency of bowel movements.

Alternatively you can choose to reboot your detoxification pathways in just 1 day with the PURIFICATION 1-DAY Cleanse on a monthly basis. Simply mix with water, drink it in the morning and go about your day, without the need for fasting or altering your lifestyle.

If you’re looking to kickstart your weight loss goals while on a detox plan, you can opt for a body shaping treatment that allows you to reduce fat in specific areas of the body. Coolshape uses the cryolipolysis to diminish fat cells in your body while improving body contour. This treatment can also be combined with other non-invasive fat reduction treatments such as Onda Body Magic to enjoy better results.

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