When Should You Consider A Nose Correction Treatment

When Should You Consider A Nose Correction Treatment


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Despite what others say, it’s perfectly okay not to love how your nose naturally looks. Wishing for a slimmer, higher, or even pointier nose doesn’t really mean you don’t love yourself at all. It’s also okay to want to invest in nose correction treatments, like a nose thread lift procedure here in Singapore. Getting a nose thread lift is a quick, non-invasive, and more affordable alternative to a rhinoplasty or a nose job. Yet, it’ll give you the same lift and contour that you’ve been wanting.

However, like any cosmetic procedure, certain factors must be considered before you get it. It’s not something you can decide out of the blue. Read on as take you through the key factors to help you know when to consider getting a nose correction treatment. Read on to find out more.

When should you consider nose correction treatments, like a nose thread lift procedure?


You don’t want surgery. 

One of the most notable benefits of these nonsurgical procedures is that you won’t go under the knife. Although a rhinoplasty would give you permanent results, it has a dreadfully long recovery time. With a surgical nose job, you’d have to wait at least four weeks for it to fully heal. But nose correction treatments like nose thread lifts have minimal to zero downtime. In fact, you can pick up where you left off after leaving your doctor’s office!

Of course, with surgery comes anaesthesia, and with anaesthesia comes an array of side effects. Some people experience nausea, vomiting, and allergic reactions. These nose correction treatments only require local anaesthesia, so you’re awake but cannot feel any pain.


You only want a temporary solution. 

Say, you have a big event like a wedding coming up, and you want to look your absolute best. These nose correction treatments are the way to go. Nose thread lift procedures give immediate results, so you’ll look picture-perfect on your big day. After some time, if you decide that you no longer want it, your doctor can reverse the treatment. It’s that easy!


You want to correct a prior surgery.  

If you have undergone a previous nose job and are dissatisfied with the results, nose thread lifts can correct it. As long as you don’t have nose implants, you’re good to go. However, it’s worth noting that this only applies to minor corrections.

Still, it’s possible to get the best of both worlds with nose thread lifts and nose jobs. A nose thread lift procedure can give you a sharp contour, whereas nose jobs last forever. Once the threads have dissolved in your body, you can consult with your doctor about getting a rhinoplasty.


You don’t have specific allergies.  

Although a non-surgical nose job is less risky than traditional nose job surgery, you should be aware of specific allergies to dermal fillers. During your consultation, you will be asked to confirm that you have no known allergies. Great news, though! Nose fillers like Juvederm and Radiesse are non-allergenic, so you’re safe.

However, if you opt for a nose thread lift, it’s also worth noting that local anaesthesia can cause allergic reactions. Yes, it’s generally safe, but there are cases of adverse reactions, especially if you were given the wrong dose. As such, you must sit down with your doctor first so they can walk you through the entire process.

You want natural-looking results.  

Another downside to a nose job is that it offers drastic results. So, if you’re only going for a natural look, a nose thread lift will get the job done. This gives you a subtle yet sharp nasal contour and a pointier nose bridge. It lifts and contours your nose to give it a shape that frames your face.

On the other hand, nose fillers, another good option, will suit you better if you’re aiming for a straighter nose. Nose fillers target dorsal bumps that affect your nose’s shape and may add volume if needed. And just as we’ve mentioned earlier, you can combine these two procedures to get the most out of them!


Are nose thread lift procedures worth it? 

If you’ve decided to get such nose correction treatments, it’s time to answer the burning question: are they actually worth it? After all, they both have their limitations. For starters, they cannot permanently correct or alter your nose shape. They also cannot help with nasal or breathing problems, especially if you have a nasal blockage. Nose thread lifts and fillers also cannot treat a deviated septum or alter the shape of your nostrils.

However, a nose thread lift gives the similar lift and contour you can get with a rhinoplasty – at a lower price! A nose thread lift procedure typically costs no more than a thousand dollars. Moreover, it has minimal downtime, so you can immediately enjoy and flaunt your perfectly pointed nose!


So, the answer is: yes, nose thread lifts are indeed worth it! They’re an excellent option for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money to enhance their appearance and get a pointed nose. Given that a nose thread lift is also reversible, correcting any mistakes during the procedure is easy. Fewer risks in comparison to surgery and negligible downtime, make this one of the most favoured treatments in Singapore.


About the Author – Dr Chua Han Boon 

Dr Chua graduated from the National University of Singapore with a distinction in Surgery and was awarded the Yeoh Khuan Joo Gold Medal for top achievement in Surgery in 2002. He was also placed on the Dean’s List, representing the top 10 graduating doctors of his cohort.

His special interests lie in skin-firming anti-ageing treatments such as non-surgical facelifts using Ultherapy. He frequently also trains other doctors in anti-ageing and cosmetic laser procedures both locally and around the region.

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