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5 Reasons To Choose Nose Thread Lift For A Defined Nose


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In the market for a nose thread lift treatment? You’re not alone! The nose is one of the most defining features of a face – its shape can affect your facial proportions and the entirety of your look.

This is one of the key reasons why people look towards rhinoplasty and nose thread lift treatments to get that pointed, narrow bridge. If you’re not yet ready for drastic enhancements like a rhinoplasty, the popular nose thread lift makes even more sense! Also called the lunchtime nose job, this quick, minimally invasive procedure has become increasingly popular, especially in Singapore.

Interested to know more? Ahead, we discuss everything you need to know about a nose thread lift treatment and why this should be your procedure of choice.

What is a nose thread lift treatment? 

A nose thread lift is a nose enhancement procedure that uses barbed threads or sutures to enhance the nose shape. These barbed threads are made from a complex sugar called polydioxanone, or PDO for short. It’s a non-allergic, non-antigenic compound that naturally dissolves in your body over time, so yes, it’s safe!

But wait, how does a nose thread lift work? Here’s how:

The PDO threads strategically go under your skin in two directions – horizontally on the nose bridge and vertically on the tip. These threads will create an internal scaffold to lift, tighten, and enhance your nose.

And remember how we said PDO dissolves inside your body over time? That’s how it kicks its second function into motion. As the PDO threads break down, they stimulate collagen production in your body. Collagen is an essential protein that supports your skin, providing a sustainable, longer-lasting lift on your nose.

Why should I get a nose thread lift? 

Now, to the burning question: why should I get a nose thread lift?

#1: No need to go under the knife! 

Nose thread lift treatments offer the same lifting and contouring effects as a typical nose job without surgery. You’ll only need local anaesthesia, which will only numb your face as the threads go in. And since it’s non-surgical, the entire procedure lasts only an hour, and there’s also very minimal downtime. You may notice redness or bruising, which will subside in a few days. In most cases, you can go back to your usual routine immediately.

With nose jobs, it usually takes two to three weeks before the side effects subside. Even worse, you’ll have to wait a few more weeks than that for it to heal fully.

#2: Nose thread lift treatments last long. 

The effects of a nose thread lift last about one to two years. This is much longer than nose fillers, another non-surgical procedure that enhances your nose. Nose fillers last only nine months and tend to spread or migrate over time. These can also create lumps under your skin, which broaden your nose and remove the lift that you initially went in for.

The best part is that if you go for another round of thread lifts after nine months, you can expect these to last even longer. PDO threads boost collagen production as they break down. Since collagen restores volume to your skin, you can also expect a permanent contour in your nose.

 #3: Nose thread lift treatments provide natural-looking results.  

Need more convincing on getting a nose thread lift treatment in Singapore? Thread lifts give your nose a subtle, natural shape.

Yes, you read that right – although it’s a cosmetic procedure, the results will look natural. It’s not as drastic as a rhinoplasty, yet it will make all the difference for your nose. This procedure will give you a slimmer, more elegant-looking nose. Nose thread lifts can also help straighten crooked nose bridges and contour your nose according to your desired angle.

#4: It’s cheaper than a nose job.  

If you’re not yet ready to invest in expensive procedures like a nose job, a nose thread lift treatment works just as well. These give you the same lifting and straightening effect without you needing to shell out all your savings. And since this procedure has meagre downtime, you also don’t have to miss out on work while recovering. That than the weeks of rest after a nose job is another big win for us!

Still want to get a nose job someday? You can go down that route after a nose thread lift treatment too! Just give the threads some time to breakdown in your body, and then approach your doctor for a rhinoplasty.

#5: You can mix a nose thread lift treatment with nose fillers! 

That’s the beauty of nose thread lift treatments – they’re customisable, and you can mix them with other procedures! If you find yourself torn between getting fillers or threads, get them both. Combining these two can help you achieve the nose of your dreams while maximising the results.

The fillers will help you achieve the desired nose height, and the thread lift will contour and lift the top of your nose. Two for two!


About the Author – Dr Michelle Lim

Dr Michelle Lim obtained her medical degree at the University of Queensland in Australia in 2009. After this, she completed her Ophthalmology apprenticeship at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital in Melbourne where she also undertook her postgraduate clinical research fellowship in retinal vascular disease. Dr Lim trained intensively as an eye surgeon at the Singapore National Eye Centre and has a special interest in microsurgery and general ophthalmic procedures including cataract, refractive, glaucoma, cornea, retina, neuro-ophthalmology and oculoplastic.

With this specialized background in Ophthalmology, Dr Lim brings attention to detail and key surgical finesse to aesthetic procedures: from rejuvenating lasers to anti-wrinkle injections to peri-orbital fillers. Her sense of aesthetics also extends to other parts of the face and body as she has a keen eye for detail and an appreciation for the artistry of facial aesthetics.

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