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Water Drop Lift

Key benefits:

  • Regenerates skin for a younger looking appearance
  • Increases glow and radiance
  • Visible results after treatment

Procedure details:

  • Painless with zero downtime
  • 30 – 45 min procedure

Popularised and loved by Korean celebrities, the new Water Drop Lift treatment regenerates the skin for an enviable youthful and dewy appearance. Water Drop Lift enhances the moisture content and elasticity of the skin without hurting or damaging the skin with zero downtime.

What is Water Drop Lift?

Water Drop Lift is a painless procedure that helps to increase moisture in the skin and improves the regeneration capability of the skin barrier. The result is skin that is more rejuvenated and moisturised.

The treatment rebalances the skin cells and is effective in relieving skin concerns while stimulating collagen-producing enzyme to encourage younger and healthier skin, thanks to its ability to produce collagen continuously and breaking down aging-collagen.

What can Water Drop Lift do for me?

Water Drop Lift effectively increases elasticity and prevents the signs of aging. Water Drop Lift works well to treat fine lines, wrinkles, laugh lines (nasolabial fold) and also improves the health of your skin, providing rejuvenative and tightening effects.

How does Water Drop Lift work?

Water Drop Lift works by using high-density ultrasonic energy that increases moisture in the skin and raises the capability of the skin barrier. The treatment offers an immediate hydrating effect, skin rejuvenation and skin tightening.

How long is each session of Water Drop Lift?

The treatment ranges from 45 minutes to an hour including time to prep the skin for the treatment.

What can I expect during the procedure?

This treatment is very comfortable and painless, without an downtime.

What can I expect after the Water Drop Lift treatment?

There is no downtime so you may wear makeup and continue with your daily activities immediately after treatment.

Who is suitable for Water Drop Lift?

Water Drop Lift is safe and suitable for every skin type and colour.

I’m interested in getting Water Drop Lift!

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*Results may vary according to individuals.