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BB AquaTouch Laser: Airbrush “Photoshop” Skin in Real Life


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Airbushed skin

How many times have you spotted or heard about some bloggers or influencers who look so perfect with porcelain doll-like skin in their Instagram photos,

but they are an entirely different story in real life?

It is an open secret that these digital superstars retouched, airbrushed their skin and faces furiously with their professional A++ photoshop (or Meitu) skills.

Hear this! With BB AquaTouch Laser, you’ll never have to envy the bloggers and influencers anymore! This coveted beauty procedure lets you get the dreamy post-photoshop complexion in real life!

BB AquaTouch’s unique shallow penetration 

into the superficial layer 

allows speedier elimination of pigmentations such as 

melasma, aged spots and photo damaged skin 

for an instant brighter “photoshop” airbrush effect.

Using advanced 1927nm Thulium laser, BB AquaTouch’s unique shallow penetration into the superficial layer allows speedier elimination of pigmentations. Melasma, aged spots and photo damaged skin can all be treated for an instant brighter “photoshop” airbrush effect.

This sub-ablative 1927nm Thulium laser is unlike traditional superficial ablative lasers that vaporise the epidermis. Instead, it retains the stratum corneum of the epidermis, effectively minimising infection, downtime and clearing pigmentations.

Even if you have sensitive skin, you have zero worry for any side effect. This is because the duration and pulse repetition of this superficial laser can be easily adjusted to suit different skin types.

 BB Aquatouch Laser: Skin Layers

Other than treating pigmentations efficiently, this advanced sub-ablative laser helps to strengthen skin’s elasticity, refine pores and erase fine wrinkles. These benefits are possible due to its inherent higher water absorption ability as compared to a 1550nm laser.

BB AquaTouch Laser is great for these skin problems:

  • All types of pigmentation
  • Dull and uneven complexion
  • Enlarged pores
  • Fine lines
  • Acne scars
  • Ageing skin

BB AquaTouch Laser Procedure

Prior to the procedure, a topical anaesthetic cream is applied on to the treatment area to minimise and prevent any discomfort or pain. Although a total of 6 sessions will be recommended for optimal improvement of pigmentation, most people see improvement 1-2 weeks after the first or second treatment.
After the treatment, it is highly recommended to diligently apply cream moisturisers and sunscreen. One should also avoid prolonged exposure under the sun and harsh skincare products/procedures. This is to ensure fast recovery rate of the skin. One can also apply light makeup right after the treatment.
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