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10 Beauty Hacks You Need To Know According To Insiders


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The industry’s most in-demand make-up artists talks insider tips, tricks and their signature ‘angelic’ skin. In essence, beauty hacks you need to know. 

For the most in-demand make-up artist, it all starts with skin. According to makeup experts, the difference between mediocre-looking girls and runway models is their complexions. We gather the insider tips and tricks from industry experts to give you how you can achieve that supermodel glow easier (and quicker) than ever before.


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First up, this beauty hack is a real game-changer: The greatest error anyone can make is TOO MUCH MAKEUP. The trick to looking like you have great skin is actually to have a good complexion, like it or not. If you think makeup is a replacement for great skin, think again. Using too much concealer, foundation and powder may hide your flaws but it will also leave you looking overtly made up, especially in the harsh light of the day.

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Airbrushed quality skin with BB aquatouch laser at SW1 Clinic

A-lister tip: The latest complexion perfecting laser to simulate airbrushed skin is BB Aquatouch, designed to elevate complexions to the next level. It helps dull skin look radiant, and normal skins look photoshop perfect. “Many of my patients think this is the coolest thing since the invention of the push-up bra” says Dr Low Chai Ling, medical director of SW1 Clinic which offers BB Aquatouch as part of their Baby Skin Program.


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Use your fingers! According to makeup artists, there are a million tools and methods for applying makeup, but the one that always yields flawless results is the fingertip. The warmth from your hands has an incredible effect on product, allowing everything from lipstick to foundation and eyeshadow to become even creamier and more malleable to the touch. With the finger you can blot, build, stipple, smooth and layer — it’s the most multifunctional tool in your kit.

A-lister tip: Working with clean skin with a good blood circulation ensures that makeup not only stays better but also looks better. “I always get my models to use Skin Gym, a self-heating non-foaming cleanser that not only purges toxins and debris from the pores like no other, but brings a nice flush to the skin after!” says Nadia, a beauty expert from Collete Magazine UK.


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‘I achieve everything by mixing and matching, which is why my signature scent is constantly evolving. I custom blend essential oils and fragrances, and when I need energy I go for Michelle Roques-O’Neil’s Restore Therapie Aura Spray, £32. In the evenings I’ll draw a bath with soothing Aromatherapy Associates oils’ says Sarah, a makeup artist from Hong Kong. In this industry, you want to stand out, not smell like everybody else.

A-lister tip: Nothing spoils the image than body odour or excessive sweating. This is one unwanted problem especially prevalent when the nerves hit before an important runway show. According to models who have been in the industry for several years, Botox microinjections into the offending area (such as the underarms) can provide a cure for up to a year! Face the world with confidence with this sweat-reduction, anti-odour therapy.


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‘”Angelic skin”, which is flawless, luminous and has an ethereal glow. The key is layering and combining different textures to achieve superior luminosity says makeup mavens we spoke to. Combining a balm, highlighter stick and pigment powder individually or together is the key to create multi-dimensional levels.

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A-lister tip:

  1. BALM

‘It’s not just for the lips. On the skin, this balm achieves a transparent, mirrored shine. Swipe it across the highest planes of the face, and don’t be afraid to experiment with other features like the Cupid’s bow or bridge of the nose.’


‘Layer over the cream highlighter to create a reflective metallic light. This will elevate and add dimension to your bone structure.’


‘Add the multidimensional pressed-powder pigment to create iridescent shimmer. Glowing skin is all about dimension, and how the light hits the features of the face.’


 Facial Thread Lifts: The Pros and Cons




“When you’re only concerned about perming, dyeing and straightening your, it’s going to end up dry and unhealthy-looking” says Andy who have been styling runway hair for over a decade. “The truth is that industry experts also spend an equal amount of time treating their hair AND scalp to restore their hair health. That is the top reason their hair can withstand all the colour changes inflicted upon them in the first place!”

Keramax Scalp Program improves scalp health so that hair is restored to its former glory.

A-lister tip: “I send my models with over-treated hair or thinning crowns to get the Keramax Program. This isn’t just a superficial treatment for the hair as the hair follicles are essentially dead” says Julien, a casting director. “This uses a special laser called Revage and vitamin infusions to revitalize the health of the scalp. It also helps to prevent thinning hair, encouraging eventual growth of fuller and stronger hair.”