Revitascalp - SW1 Clinic


Key benefits:

  • Deep penetration of clinically proven minoxidil and nutrients into the scalp
  • Reduction in hair loss
  • Increases hair density

Procedure details:

  • A “scalp-cial” for Hair, no injections involved
  • No downtime
  • No discomfort

Best Volumising Treatment for Thinning Hair

Best Anti-Ageing Hair Treatment

Astonishing as this may seem, your body does not consider your hair to be its MVP, redistributing its wealth of nutrients so that your marvelous mop can come out on top. (Sorry-heart, lungs and liver come first.) Ergo, your hair needs its own source of nutrients to make headlines: Revitascalp.

A targeted blast of scientifically selected nutrients to help support a healthy growth of hair, including vitamin B12, folic acid, protein-building amino acids and clinically proven minoxidil to help inhibit the production of hair-hindering DHT, and boost your chances of retarding any ‘hair-zards’ in the foreseeable future. It all adds up to a win-win for your hair.

Is there any discomfort during the procedure?

This is a 40-minute ‘hair-cial’ to boost your scalp health. There are no needles or injections involved. The procedure is painless and comfortable for all patients.

Is there any downtime?

There is no downtime with this procedure.

How often should I do this to see results?

Revitascalp is best done weekly for severe cases of hair thinning. It can be done fortnightly for mild to moderate cases of hair thinning. A series of 12 sessions will give optimal results.

Can I see results immediately?

You may notice a reduction in hair loss soon after treatment. However, your hair follicles will take time to grow. Hence, it is normal that you will only see visible hair thickening or hair growth after 6-12 weeks.

Should I pair this procedure with any other treatments?

Revitascalp is best paired with Revage 670 laser. You may be interested in our Keramax Scalp Program which combines both treatments for an optimal solution to your scalp woes.

*Results may vary according to individuals.