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Natural scalp strengthening therapy to regenerate hair growth

Kera-Clone’s hair growth treatment involves restoring a patient’s healthy hair follicles, returning it into a strong & healthy state.


How is hair lost?

Hair is a naturally regenerating mini-organ. It goes through periods of growth, then resting, shedding and regeneration as shown in the diagram below.  This process is controlled by a very specific group of stem-like cells at the base of the hair follicle called Dermal Papilla (DP) cells.  The number of these cells determines the thickness of the hair shaft that is produced by the sheath cells. A full thickness hair on the scalp is called a terminal hair. With some hairs, at each hair cycle the number of DP cells is reduced and the subsequent hair is thinner. Eventually, it is too thin to have a full cosmetic effect and is termed a vellus hair.

What is the Kera-Clone concept?

Kera-clone is a 30-minute procedure that targets the Dermal Papilla cells. It helps to reduce hair loss and restore hair growth, so patients can enjoy a thicker head of hair after just 1-2 sessions.

How does Kera-Clone work?

By improving the circulation of the scalp, this will rejuvenate the thinning vellus hairs causing them to produce thicker terminal hair shafts as well as create brand new hair follicles by a process called follicle neogenesis. Over time, this will help the patient regain a more youthful appearance.

When will I see results?

You can begin to see results after 1 session. The recovery period with very minimal scaring or rather none in some cases. In a single session, you will notice significant results after 14 to 30 days. For optimal results, patients may undergo  2 or more sessions to obtain maximal hair re-population and fuller hair growth.

Who can benefit from Kera-Clone?

Kera-Clone is a safe effective technique for both men and women to combat alopecia and other hair loss problems.It is purely natural, without any harmful effects, stimulating the production and restoration of fuller hair growth over time.

This treatment helps your follicles to return to a more youthful state by:

  • reducing hair loss
  • stimulating new hair formation
  • improving the quality, thickness and density of existing hair.

What is this treatment best paired with?

It is also suitable to be done alongside with hair implant or transplant procedures if needed. This treatment has very minimal downtime with fast healing, minimizing complications and obtaining more effective results in least time. In our experience, our patients obtain optimal results from their Kera-Clone procedure when they pair it with a non-invasive light therapy called Revage670.

*Results may vary according to individuals.