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Infinity Neck Threadlift

Key benefits:

  • Instantly visible skin tightening effects around the neck and jawline
  • Addresses issues of double chin, turkey neck and sagging neck tissues
  • Uses bio-absorbable PDO threads
  • Stimulates supporting collagen matrix over time for long-lasting lift

Procedure details:

  • Injections performed by qualified doctor
  • Possible mild swelling for a few days
  • 30 to 45 minute procedure

Thread Lifts for the Neck & Jawline beautifully addresses one of the most common tell-tale signs of age. An old looking neck line often betrays your age. Often we see women with youthful-looking faces who are let down by their necks. The most common complaints around the neck and jawline are sagging neck skin, double chin and poor texture. Neck Thread Lifts beautifully addresses the issues that plague the neck and jawline, namely sagging neck tissues, double chin and turkey neck.

What are the available treatments to lift the skin in the neck area?

There are several notable treatments that have found success in treating the neck area. Firstly, Thermage, an FDA approved monopolar radiofrequency skin tightening treatment is very useful for an overall rejuvenation of the neck and decolletage area. Its modus operandus is to tighten stretched, saggy skins, and replace it with firmer skin over time. Its benefits: it is usually a one-time treatment and large areas of skin can be treated (from jawline to decolletage). It is useful for ladies who want an overall improvement of skin texture in their neck area.

The other treatment that has found phenomenal success with the neck are Neck Thread Lifts. “Threads” are basically fine threads with either cogs or cones in it to anchor onto skin. Thereby when they are inserted into the skin, they are able to exert traction and create an immediate lift. At SW1 Clinic, our Infinity Neck Lift uses bio-absorbable PDO threads that dissolve safely over 6 months, while intelligently stimulating a strong supporting matrix of collagen in its place to secure the skin lift with time.

How is the procedure for Neck Thread Lift like?

Our Infinity Neck Lift is a simple 30-minute procedure. A topical numbing is applied onto the patient’s skin for 10 minutes. Then a local anaesthetic may be injected into the treatment area to ensure even greater comfort during your procedure. The threads are skillfully inserted by our trained doctors. Depending on the extent of your sagging, 4-8 threads may be used to deliver optimal results. The area is taped up overnight to give you the quickest recovery process.

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What is the downtime for Neck Thread Lift?

There is little to no downtime for the neck area as this area is situated on the under of the jawline and any pin prick marks are usually not directly visible. As local anaesthetic is injected into the treatment area, you may find your skin slightly swollen (from the numbing injections) for 6-24 hours. This naturally dissipates with time though we can speed this recovery process with special compression tape. There is a risk of pin prick marks and bruising (as with all injections) but this can be safely minimized by appropriate care. Usually our patients return to work immediately after treatment or the next day.

Infinity Face & Neck Thread Lifts can help maximize your beauty & restore your youth.

Is Infinity Neck Lift painful?

Most patients find it comfortable.

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When can I see results?

You can experience the lift immediately after treatment. However, this may become more apparent as any local swelling abates. Most patients are able to appreciate the full extent of their Neck Thread Lift in 3-5 days.

Who is most suitable for this procedure?

Any patients with loose or sagging skin on their necks, or a “double chin” can benefit from this treatment. While this treatment isn’t helpful for getting rid of fat deposits, having firmer skin in its place is definitely a boon to a younger looking neck.

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What other treatments can I do in the neck area?

Neck skin is often neglected. That is why we offer a comprehensive myriad of targeted lasers to address any skin issues. From dull rough skin to sun damage, we have got the right laser program for you.

Can I do Thread Lifts in other areas on the same day?

Yes, in fact many of our patients combine Infinity Neck Thread Lifts with Infinity V-Lifts to slim and contour the lower face as well as Infinity Nose Lift. This negates the need for taking repeated time off work to recover, and any anti-bruise medications or antibiotics administered can cover all the treated areas in one go. Our patients also find that treating a few areas can exponentially augment their beauty potential, giving them an all-round facial beautification.

*Results may vary according to individuals.