Dermal Fillers in Singapore | Cheek & Chin Enhancement


Key benefits:

  • Balances facial proportion
  • Lower face enhancement without surgery
  • Versatility in sculpting – can give the appearance of a slim, feminine chin
    or angular, masculine jawline

Procedure details:

  • Injections performed by qualified doctor
  • Tailored injections to chin or jawline, or both
  • Little to no downtime
  • 30 to 45 minute procedure

The ideal face? A question of balance.

The harmony and allure of any face derive from the inter-relationship of cheekbones, nose, lips and chin.

The male face is considered handsome when it is chiselled and proportionate, with a straight but strong nose, well-defined lips and eyebrows, deep-set eyes, and a jaw and chin tending towards angularity. On the other hand, a woman possessing feminine features aligned in good proportion such as a slim V-shape face and defined yet narrow nose bridge and a rosebud pout is hailed a beauty. One constant remains for both the male and female beauty ideal — proportion. A face is considered attractive when it is proportionate. To attain the golden ratio of the lower face is where the chin excels. Having a chin that is proportionate not just to the front but to the profile of the face harmonizes the overall outlook and anchors the jawline, bringing out the rest of the facial features. A weak or receding chin can cast a shadow on even the most alluring of features, distracting one from the overall balance of the visage.

The chin is often being described as “strong” or “weak”, and has always been regarded as a basis for character judgment. Someone who has a strong or prominent chin is commonly regarded as being more assertive, athletic and dependable. Studies done consistently show that men with “weak” chin are less successful in their career and love life compared to those with stronger ones. As for women, a profile with a weak chin will always appear less attractive than one bearing a well-proportioned chin.

Chin Fillers Singapore, CHIN ENHANCEMENT


A weak chin plays a vital role in diminishing a woman’s overall appearance as it is an anchor point for the eye. When a chin is too small or narrow, it tends to throw the facial proportions off balance visually, making the face, nose and neck appear somewhat larger than what they actually are— and less attractive.

Chin fillers and chin implants are two most popular chin augmentation methods which have been widely practiced across the globe with a rising trend in recent years. Both of them are chin contouring procedures that result in soft-tissue augmentation, correcting profile deficits and/or deformities for an aesthetically desirable outcome.

Singapore Chin Fillers Services

There is a wide array of chin fillers composed of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid that are ideal for chin enhancement . It is injected into the chin so that the soft tissue present in that section is elevated and the gets a “liquid lift”. At SW1 Clinic, our doctors would carefully assess the patient and select the most appropriate natural filler that will give optimal results for his or her facial shape, making sure that the augmented chin is in harmony with the rest of the facial features. FDA approved fillers such as Restylane SubQ® and Belotero INTENSE® are some of the fillers used in our practice with good results. As there are differences between male and female aesthetics, the knowledge, skills and expertise of the practitioner which governs injection techniques and product placement will help to avoid undesired masculinization or feminization of appearance that’s not on the patient’s wishlist.



The area to be treated is first prepped with a topical numbing cream to ensure the least amount of discomfort you’ll experience with the procedure. The filler selected to match your aesthetics needs will be administered via a couple of tiny injection sites over the chin area. Your doctor will proceed to manually mold the fillers into its final shape and contour, and you will be able to see the pre and post transformative changes from the chin fillers immediately. Post treatment, makeup can be applied if desired and there should be no interference to your normal activities of daily living.



There is minimal to no significant downtime associated with chin enhancement using natural facial fillers. As with all procedures involving needles and injections, there may be some small pin-prick marks left behind which can be easily camouflaged with makeup and will fade in a day or two. In some patients, they may experienced temporary redness, swelling and bruising. These signs will resolved spontaneously in a few days to a week with no further treatment required.



Depending on the exact type and amount of fillers used, results can last from 6 months to a year. In general, the greater the volume of fillers used, the more longer-lasting your results may appear to be. In the event that you wish to remove your chin fillers, we are also able to do so with a special enzyme called hyaluronidase. The latter ‘melts’ excess hyaluronic acid fillers without affecting surrounding tissues and you can see results in as fast as 1-2 days. For this reason, many patients hesitant about the long term commitment required for chin implant surgery may start with chin fillers.



Chin Fillers is a lunchtime procedure that’s quick and effective, giving immediate result without the downtime, risks and complications that surgery entails. It is appropriate for patients who desire some degree of chin augmentation but aren’t quite ready for surgery, or those who want to experience an augmented chin before committing to surgical intervention. Its effects are temporary and not permanent like an implant. Also, chin enhancement with injectable fillers is a progressive approach, and depending upon your requirement, you might have to use a considerable amount of filler over a few sessions in order to achieve a similar outcome to what surgery brings to the table. This is probably not cost effective in the long run, and hence is more appropriate for those who seek only slight augmentation.



In selected cases, our doctors may suggest an accompany BOTOX® treatment to the mentalis muscle that sits over the chin. The mentalis muscle causes dimpling of the chin. In addition, hyperactivity of the mentalis muscle exerts an upwards pull which shorten the appearance of the chin. Carefully placed BOTOX®helps to relax this overactive muscle to optimize the outcome of chin fillers with longer lasting results to boot.

Chin fillers can be combined with our V-Sculpt Facial Program to help you achieve the ultimate V-shape face of Beauty in a natural looking way sans scalpel.

*Results may vary according to individuals.
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