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Your burning questions on Lip Fillers answered


When it comes to lip fillers, thick, fish-lips inevitably come to mind. No thanks to one too many celebrities sporting overly filled lips, lip fillers have unfortunately gotten a bad rep in the last few years.  In fact, good lip fillers should give you subtle results and help you to achieve better facial proportions.

If lip fillers is something you’ve been thinking about, we’re here to answer some of the commonly asked questions on this aesthetic procedure.

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1. What are the benefits of lip fillers?

Lip fillers can be used to subtly refine the shape of the lips or volumise thin lips. It can also be used to enhance the natural hyaluronic acid content in the lips, helping to keep them hydrated.

2. What are the characteristics of an ideal lip?

An ideal lip should have a width of 1.6 times the width of the bottom of the nose, fit between the lines dropped from the inner part of the iris, have an upper lip that is slightly larger than the lower, have a gentle curve that peaks (Cupid’s bow) and be an attractive shade of pink.

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3. Are ideal lips born or bred?

Both. Some people are born with lips that are closer to the ideal, while others may need some help to enhance them. However, age can affect the appearance of everyone’s lips, making them thinner, more wrinkled and appear more dehydrated over time.

4. What treatments are available to enhance the lips?

Depending on the lip concerns, treatments available to enhance the lips include Revitalift Lips, Lip Shaping fillers, Lip Volume fillers and other non-surgical aesthetic options.

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5. Is there only one ideal lip shape?

No, there are many different lip shapes which can work for an individual depending on the shape of their face. It is important for a qualified doctor to assess the individual in person to advise them on the best lip filler treatment for them.

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