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Why your skin looks dull and how to get the glow back on


Why your skin looks dull and how to get the glow back on

You can’t quite put your finger on it but you know it when you’re looking at dull skin and when you’re looking at glowing, dewy, radiant skin. If you’re wondering how to get from the former to the latter, you’re in luck as we are going to break down the reasons for dull skin for you AND how you can go about fixing it.

#1 Dead skin cells

It’s everywhere and there’s a reason for it – we shed millions of dead skin cells everyday and unfortunately they stay on our skin unless you do something about it. Dead skin cell basically creates a buildup that prevents your glow from shining through, literally.

Solution: Exfoliate! It’s so simple and if you make this into a regular habit of yours (we’re talking once to twice a week), you’ll be doing your skin a huge favour! Choose from a chemical exfoliator or a physical one, either way, they help to slough off dead skin cells and get rid of that gray-ish tinge that your skin certainly doesn’t need.

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#2 Pollution

Even though we can’t see it, the are everywhere and its tiny particles made up of dirt and sulfur dioxide create free radicals. Free radicals are not skin’s best friends, in fact they damage collagen and stimulate the production of pigments over time. With lines and unevenness (written) all over your face literally, it makes for a dull appearance.

Solution: Simply wash your face. Better yet, double wash starting with an oil based cleanser to get rid of makeup, dirt and grime and wash again with a water-based cleanser to be doubly sure your skin is clean and ready to receive the goodness of our skincare products. Products infused with Vitamin C are also a must have as they are an antioxidant, which helps to protect skin cells from free radicals caused by UV exposure and also inhibits melanin production in the skin.

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#3 Dehydration

Moisture is essential for the overall health of your skin. Without moisture and when skin is dehydrated, it causes a decrease in the thickness and evenness of the skin. This causes skin to look dull.

Solution: One way is to drink up and ensure you body has sufficient fluids. Complement this with serums that contain hyaluronic acid. This is a great way to prep skin by driving moisture deep into the skin before you layer it with a moisturiser with powerful emollients to ensure moisture stays in.

#4 Pigmentation

You might love your sun and tan but did you know that pigmentation causes dull skin? Too much sun can also cause sun damage to the skin, weakening collagen and exacerbating dull skin.

Solution: A multipurpose laser treatment like Fraxel Light can help to reduce pigmentation, even out unevenness and refresh dull skin. Say hello to an out of this world radiance and a healthy spring in your skin.

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