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Top Beauty and Aesthetic Treatments from 2019 – Have You Tried Them Yet?

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We know what you are thinking. Another year, and another set of new beauty treatments making their way to aestheticians near you. With regular breakthroughs in skincare, knowing what to get done can get very confusing. This is why our list of the most popular treatments of 2019, is a great sum-up of what works and hence worth investing in. These tried, tested and effective treatments took the world by storm in 2019 and should be on your radar for the new year. In fact we would urge you to get booking right away!


This celebrity firm favourite, is a real keeper when it comes to achieving glowing skin. Hydrafacials use a unique machine to exfoliate, extract and hydrate skin with super serums, and ensure painless extractions. Different versions of the Hydrafacial have further evolved based on the skin type or expectations of the client. Take for example the indulgent Monroe Hydrafacial, that excels in illuminating dull skin. This whitening facial works by purifying skin with the help of Hydrafacial MD technology to slough through dead skin cells and allow for maximum absorption of skin-whitening ingredients. With skin treats such as Vitamin C and Glutathione infused into the epidermis, and the use of LED Red and I-Clear photobiomodulation light, the results keep customers coming back for more. You can choose from a range of Hydrafacials, but in a nutshell, this short procedure gives you a glow – the glow you’ve been seeking for a while!


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Non-surgical facelifts were all the rage in Hollywood and around the globe in 2019. An effective way to to get a facelift but without going under the knife, HIFU or High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound delivers  heat energy to the skin and helps renew its collagen. Results include improved texture, tightening and  lifting effects  – the perfect antidote to sagging skin. This treatment is ideal for patients seeking the much coveted V-Shaped face, and reduction in prominence of double chin, diminished fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, forehead and mouth. How much time do you need? The treatment is truly a lunch time treat! One hour and you can walk away with your skin refreshed, recharged and lifted. The real effects of the treatment will kick in slowly so no big surprises when you step back to your life either!


Muscle Sculpting

While focus on the fitness industry and getting yourself into shape has been a top lifestyle trend for 2019, the use of technology to get there reigned supreme. Muscle Sculpting isn’t an alternative to a tummy tuck or liposuction, it is instead meant for those who are already of healthy body weight but looking to move pockets of fat and gain muscle tone in a particular part of their body. Got an almost six-pack? Magnetic Muscle Sculpting uses the latest Functional Magnetic Stimulation (FMS) to improve the tone of treated muscles and get you closer to your goal. No downtime or discomfort, or direct contact with the skin needed (you can keep your clothes on!), the treatment only needs 15-30 minutes per area, per session. What’s more, there’s no sweat and no movement needed, at all!


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2019 was the year for subtle changes that give you glowing, younger skin. Fillers have become increasingly popular as a tool to achieve not only wrinkle-free, smooth skin but to sculpt and contour faces sans a scalpel. Filler Hydrolift is specially designed to deliver these multiple benefits using hyaluronic acid. It delivers natural hyaluronic acid carefully under the skin, using a novel injection technique to give tired saggy faces a subtle lift. The best part? All of this is done while replenishing lost hyaluronic acid stores instantly and rewarding the skin with moisture and youth. These fillers in fact also stimulate your body’s own production of collagen, thereby giving further radiance 2-3 weeks, well after the treatment.


Botox for other stuff

Botox is a well established tool for achieving smoothened-out skin. But, its ability to correct many other ailments is what keeps it in the news. From helping with teeth grinding to managing migraines the uses of Botox go well beyond the realm of wrinkles and fine lines. Long before it was approved for cosmetic use BOTOX® had an established 10 year safety data for the treatment of opthalmic disorders. It is also approved for the treatment of a number of other conditions such as adult spasticity, cervical dystonia and juvenile cerebral palsy. Sweating too much? Don’t be surprised if you doctor recommends Botox injections – just saying!


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